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March 22, 2014

Superhero Magazine Covers

by Reggie
Justice Magazine Cover FI2

If superheroes existed in real life do you think they would allow themselves to be photographed for magazine covers? That’s the idea behind one artists creations.

Below are images of four female heroes and villains done as if they were posing for a magazine cover, a fake one of course. I found these images interesting and very well done. The style done for the fake magazine covers suggests elegance, confidence, power and a bit of sexiness.

The magazine covers feature Black Canary, Catwoman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman.

Stanley Lau, is a comic book artist / illustrator and Co-founder of the Imaginary Friends art studio.

Black Canary Cover

Black Canary / Justice Magazine / Stanley Lau

Catwoman Cover

Catwoman / Justice Magazine / Stanley Lau

Supergirl Cover

Supergirl / Justice Magazine / Stanley Lau

Wonder Woman Cover

Wonder Woman / Justice Magazine / Stanley Lau

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