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I’m A Guest on True Believers Podcast

If you are regular here at Reggie’s then you know I have had the guys from The True Believers a couple of times as my guest. Well this time I return the favour and guest on their podcast and were talking, Captain America: The Winter Solider. Read more »

Podcast #6 FIa

Reggie’s Take Podcast #6

I recently sat down with my friends from the “True Believers” and discussed some of the upcoming movies and the rumors surrounding them. We talk Captain America The Winter Solider, Star Wars Episode VII, Terminator Genesis and much more. Read more »

Podcast #5 FI2

Podcast #5 “Iron Man” Movies

Our 5th Podcast here at Reggie’s is now on line and ready for your listening enjoyment. In this episode Caleb and James join me as we discuss the “Iron Man” movies. Read more »

Podcast#4 FI2

Podcast #4 “Movie News and Rumors”

Reggie’s is back with it’s fourth Podcast. Listen as my guest Steve and myself talk about Ben Affleck, Batman VS Superman, Expendables 3, Star Wars Episode VII. Did you know Eddie Murphy is thinking about Beverly Hills Cop 4? Just some of the discussion you can hear on the fourth Podcast, take a listen! Read more »

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Podcast # 3

I talk with the creators and host of the podcast “True Believers”. They talk about comic books and in this broadcast we combine the comics with what Hollywood is doing right or wrong with all the comic book movies flooding our theaters. Read more »

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Podcast #2

It has been a little longer then I wanted in between Podcast #1 and #2, but the wait was worth it. Hope you enjoy. I promise Podcast #3 won’t take as long! Read more »

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Podcast #1

Our first full Official Podcast has finally arrived here at Reggie’s Take a listen and hope you enjoy!! Read more »

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Reggie’s Take Teaser Pod Cast

Reggie’s Take.Com is proud to announce that we are adding Pod casting to our site. Just click the play button below and listen to our “Teaser Pod Cast”. Learn a little about me, Reggie and find out what our first official pod cast will be about. Read more »


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