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The Big Bang Theory JEJ FI2

James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory

After the guys can’t get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and winds up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Read more »

The Middle Earth Paradigm FI2

The Big Bang Theory: The Middle Earth Paradigm

After the gang loses at paintball, they run into Penny who invites them to her Halloween party. As the party is costumed, the gang is extremely excited. Initially, all four of them dress up as the Flash, but they all agree to change into different costumes. Read more »

The Hamburger Postulate FI2

The Big Bang Theory: The Hamburger Postulate

The guys are at the Cheesecake Factory as they recreate the Battle of Gettysburg with major alterations. Penny comes to take their order, but Sheldon having never eaten there before asks what’s good. Penny tries to tell him it’s all good, but Sheldon begs Leonard as to why they can’t just go to Big Boy. Read more »

Poster FI2

Four Posters

Below are four posters I have come across and wanted to share. Two of the posters are fan created Star Trek posters. The other two posters are Big Bang Theory based. One a Star Trek type and the other based on Star Wars A New Hope. Enjoy! Read more »

The Luminous Fish Effect FI

The Big Bang Theory: The Luminous Fish Effect

Leonard and Sheldon are attending a party to meet the new department head, Eric Gablehauser. Displeased with Gablehauser, because he has written a series of popular books about science dumbed down to an average bowel movement. Sheldon introduces himself to Dr. Gablehauser as “An actual real scientist”, Sheldon is fired. Read more »

The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

The Big Bang Theory: The Fuzzy Boots Corollary

While playing World of Warcraft, the group attempt to retrieve the Sword of Azeroth. Sheldon betrays them and sells the sword on eBay which Howard buys. Read more »

Big Bang Theory The Big Bran Hypothesis

The Big Bang Theory: The Big Bran Hypothesis

Penny asks Leonard to sign for a piece of furniture while she is out. It turns out the furniture is bigger than they had expected and after having a difficult time, they eventually succeed in getting it up to her apartment. While there, Sheldon sees that Penny’s apartment is a complete mess and insists on tidying up. Later that night Leonard is awakened by sounds coming from outside of his bedroom. Read more »

Big Bang Theory Banner

The Big Bang Theory – Pilot

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper are friends, roommates and physics geniuses working at Cal Tech. As such, they are self-professed geeks. Their social companions are Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali (who can’t speak to women), fellow geniuses at Cal Tech. Read more »


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