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Seinfeld FI2

Seinfeld 25 years Old

The show about nothing recently celebrated its 25th anniversary of when it premiered on television. The show ran for nine seasons on NBC from July 5, 1989, to May 14, 1998. Read more »

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem a well known DJ who created the the American Top 40 and voice actor who provided the voice of Shaggy Rogers from 1969–1997 and then again from 2002-2009 died on Sunday at the age of 82. Read more »

Star Trek TNG Cast FI2

Why Star Trek Has Heart! Beyond Television or Movies

We sometimes forget while watching our favorite television shows or movies that the actors portraying the characters we love are also real human beings and the cast of the Next Generation show us how much heart they really have. Read more »

Gotham FI

Gotham – Character Images

The new television series will tell the origin story of Commissioner Gordon beginning with his days as a rookie detective in Gotham City. Read more »

Star Wars The Clone Wars FI2

Star Wars The Clone Wars 6th Season Episodes To Air

When Disney bought Lucasfilm one of the casualties of the sale was the animated series The Clone Wars that had been airing on the Cartoon Network since the fall of 2008 when it premiered. Read more »

Ron Moore FI2

Star Trek Belongs on Television

The one time producer of Star Trek and executive producer of Battlestar Galactica, Ronald D. Moore, says Star Trek should really be on television if it’s going to remain a sustainable franchise. Read more »

The Big Bang Theory JEJ FI2

James Earl Jones on The Big Bang Theory

After the guys can’t get Comic-Con tickets, Sheldon tries to hold his own convention and winds up spending a wild night with James Earl Jones. Read more »

russell johnson FI2

Remembering Russell Johnson

The actor best known for his role as “The Professor” on the 1960’s television series “Gilligan’s Island” has passed away. Read more »

Time of the Doctor' Doctor Who FI2

Time of the Doctor – Doctor Who Christmas Special

The BBC confirms ‘Time of the Doctor’ The Doctor Who Christmas Special will see the exit of Matt Smith from Doctor Who and the introduction of his successor, the great Peter Capaldi. Read more »

Doctor Who FI2

Doctor Who – The Day of The Doctor

“The Day of the Doctor” is the 50th-anniversary special of the extremely popular British science fiction television program Doctor Who. Read more »

The Simpsons FI2

The Simpsons Deal

The Simpsons, the longest running animated series of all time landed one of the biggest syndication deals, a nine-figure deal for 530 episodes.. Read more »

The Defenders FI

Marvel Coming to Netflix

If you have not heard already, Marvel and Netflix are joining forces to develop individual, character-based, live-action adventures of four Marvel characters exclusively to Netflix. Read more »

Reggies Facebook FI2

Reggie’s Facebook Postings 2

See the posting that were just to my Facebook page over the past several weeks, in case you missed them. Read more »

Iconic Cars2 FI2

Iconic Cars of Television

Last month I posted about the Iconic Cars from the Movies. This month it’s about the Iconic Cars of television. As a kid I can remember watching some of my favorite television shows and wishing I had a car just like that. Read more »

Star wars Rebels FI2

Star Wars: Rebels Teaser

Lucasfilm and Disney have released a brief teaser and I mean brief for their upcoming animated series Star Wars: Rebels. Read more »

The Walking Dead FI2

The Walking Dead: Season 4

The show The Walking Dead begins it’s fourth season on October 13th and with that AMC has released some new images of the main cast in character. Read more »

Peggy Carter FI2

Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Carter TV Series?

Rumors are coming out of Marvel, they are looking into developing another television series based on the character Peggy Carter. Read more »

Simpsons Family Guy FI2

Family Guy to Meet The Simpsons, 2014

Fox’s two most popular animated series Family Guy and The Simpsons are planning a crossover episode of all crossovers. Fox announced that the Griffin’s will pay a visit to The Simpsons household in a very special episode of Family Guy next fall. Read more »

James Gandolfini. photo: Barry Wetcher

James Gandolfini Dies

On vacation in Italy the actor famous for playing mobster Tony Soprano on HBO’s drama “The Sopranos,” James Gandolfini, died suddenly today at the age of 51. Read more »


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