True Believers 4-8: Star Trek Listen All of Y’all… It’s a Sabotage…

Star Trek has always had a long and rich history and not just in television and the movies, but the comics as well and I had the pleasure of beaming over to join the “True Believers” in their latest Podcast.

Star Trek Beyond was the third movie in the rebooted, excuse me “Kelvin Timeline” and my friends over at the True Believers time traveled back to Marvel’s December 1980 #9 issue as we take a look at Star Trek from the pages of the comics.

The fun part of doing this Podcast is when James and myself make a discovery that we feel can’t be coincidence and the connection this comic may actually have to the 2009 movie with Chris Pine.



The pdf link below is the Marvel 1980 December issue of Star Trek that is featured on this podcast.

Star Trek December 1980 Issue #9

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