Reggie’s Movie Franchise Poll

Reggie’s is trying something it has never done before; create its own list of the top Movie Franchises of all time.

Wanting to be a little different then most Franchise list I have taken the liberty of separating out some of the franchises. I have done this in hopes of getting a different look at the franchises themselves.

For example, Star Wars has been listed twice, once for the Original Trilogy and once for the Prequel Trilogy. Most Star Wars fans enjoy and love the original, but not everyone was a huge fan of the prequels.

Same goes for James Bond and the four main actors to have acted in at least 3 movies. Granted you might be able to say once you have seen one Bond film you have seen them all, but I wanted to see if one actor’s portrayal out shined the others.

Star Trek has been separated into Original Cast and TNG cast. I did not include the two new Abrams movies as there have only been two movies made.

Some of you may not agree with this and that’s perfectly fine, but as I said at the top, I wanted to take a different approach to my list.


Voting Instructions

Vote for whom you think are the Top 20 movie franchises of all time as you see them.

Scroll to the bottom of the Page. Click in the white Box area under “Leave A Reply” Then either copy/paste or type out who you feel are the TOP 20 Movie Franchises of All time.

1. X-Men Series
2. Back To the Future…etc
20. Rush Hour

Important: Please put your ranking, aka a Number in front of your pick!!

How you make your decisions and why is yours alone.


Listed in NO Particular order.
(If you noticed I have left off a Franchise feel free to still vote for it so I may add it to the list.)

The Godfather (3)

Twilight Series (4)

Bourne Identity (4)

Rambo (4)

Planet of The Apes (7)

Lethal Weapon (4)

The Mummy (3)

Back To The Future (3)

Die Hard (5)

Terminator (4)

Men In Black (3)

The Matrix (3)

X-Men Series (6)

Oceans Movies (Clooney,Pitt) (3)

Superman (6)

The Fast and The Furious (6)

Mission Impossible (4)

Alien (4)

Transformers (3)

Jurassic Park (3)

Rocky (6)

Indiana Jones (4)

Spider-Man (4)

Star Trek TOS (6)

Star Trek TNG (4)

Pirates Of The Caribbean (4)

Batman –Burton/Shumacker (4)

Dark Knight Trilogy (Nolan’s Batman) (3)

Lord Of The Rings (3)

Marvel/Avenger Movies (8)

Harry Potter (8)

Star Wars Original Trilogy (3)

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy (3)

James Bond – Sean Connery (6)

James Bond – Roger Moore (7)

Scream (4)

James Bond – Pierce Brosnan (4)

James Bond – Daniel Craig (3)

Police Academy (6)

Ice Age (4)

Meet The Parents (3)

Rush Hour (3)

Beverly Hills Cop (3)

Home Alone (3)

Robocop (3)

Austin Powers (3)

Naked Gun (3)

Saw (7)

Halloween (10)

Smokey and The Bandit (3)

Toy Story (3)

Shrek (4)

Jaws (3)

Friday The 13th (12)

Karate Kid (5)

Hannibal Lecter (5)

American Pie

Nightmare On Elm Street (9)

Paranormal Activity (6)

Santa Clause (3)

Crocodile Dundee (3)

Dirty Harry (5)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (7)

Hangover (3)

Madagascar (3)

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