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Hanna-Barbera Mondo Posters

The people from Mondo will make an announcement on how you can purchase one of the five posters from different Hanna-Barbera characters/television shows. So if anyone you know might be a big Hanna-Barbera fan you may want to consider keeping an eye on Mondo’s Twitter feed.

Hanna-Barbera Poster Image

Flintstones / Dave Perillo

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Garth Glazier Images

Garth Glazier is an independent illustrator and graphic artist since 1996 and as an educator teaching illustration, and digital arts since 2004.


Hawkeye / By Garth Glazier

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The Brazil Imperio Prints

A Brazilian artist, Adriano Ticiano is a lifelong fan of Star Wars and has created a series of prints entitled Brazil Imperio. Each print represents different regions of his country as they might appear under the Imperial rule of the Empire in the Star Wars galaxy.

Bantha Tracks Art Galaxy 1

Vos Gassu / Adriano Ticiano

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Prints by Laurent Durieux

Laurent Durieux has spent two decades as a designer and teacher. A 42-year-old Brussels illustrator and graphic artist who’s work has recently come to the United States.

The Mummy’ by Laurent Durieux

The Mummy’ by Laurent Durieux

In 2011, Durieux was named one of the world’s 200 Best Illustrators by the influential international magazine Lürzer’s Archive. Read more »


Alternate Star Wars Posters

I’ve posted some alternate Star Wars posters that I have come across in my journey through the web. Hope you like, let me know what you think!

Star Wars A New Hope Poster Fan Made

Star Wars A New Hope

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The Amazing Spider-Man Poster Art

Below are four art posters as I call them that I came across all dealing with everyone’s favorite wall crawler, The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man a

The Amazing Spider-Man

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