Want to Contribute?

We here at Reggie’s Take are looking to expand by adding on contributors who will bring in their own opinions and style who would be interested in writing post that would include such topics as Movies, Television, Blu-ray’s and Comic Books.

At this time we are looking at adding on an additional contributor who is passionate about the topics they write about. A second contributor will be added on at a future date. Both positions are NON-Paying and would be for the love and passion you have for the subject you would be the most interested in writing about.

One article a week or at least three articles in a month would be required in order to be retained.

I’m currently looking for a contributor to provide the following insight for:

  • Movie Reviews
  • Television
  • Star Wars & Star Trek
  • Blu-ray/DVD Home release reviews Movies & Television
  • Comic Book Reviews
  • Book Reviews on Star Wars / Star Trek novels

All ideas for a post will be welcomed and considered.

If you feel you can bring a unique style and voice I encourage you apply. I ask for only those who are serious and legitimately interested to please apply.

To apply please leave your name, email address and the following information asked below in the contact form.

  1. Name and Age
  2. Geographic Location
  3. A Brief History about Yourself
  4. Why you feel you want to contribute to Reggie’s Take
  5. What sort of coverage you could bring for what we are looking for.
  6. Two samples of your Writing on two areas you feel you would be the strongest.

Any articles/post you write you will be given full credit as yours.

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