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The Adventures of Indiana Jones

Patrick Schoenmaker a character designer and animator from the Netherlands have created a short animation video of everyone’s favorite archaeologist.

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True Believers – The Killing Joke Podcast

The Killing Joke is one of Batman’s most talked about comic of all time and my friends over at the True Believers asked me to be a part of the discussion when it came to the recent animated movie.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Image #8

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

J.K. Rowling’s in her screenwriting debut returns us to an expansion of wizarding she established in Harry Potter, this time set in 1920’s America.

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What do you get when Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are bound for a human colony that’s 120 years away, one of the most anticipated films of 2016. Read more »

Star Trek Beyond Movie FI2

Star Trek Beyond Blu-ray Release Details

Star Trek Beyond the third movie in the new “Kelvin Timeline” or as its commonly refereed to the “Abrams Universe” finally has a date as to when you can add it to your own collection. Read more »

Doctor Strange HR Image #10

Doctor Strange Featurette

We are less than two months away from Doctor Strange as Marvel looks to cap their 2016 movie year with another successful entry into the MCU. Read more »


Batman Day

Saturday September 17, 2016 was Batman day and Warner Brothers along with Zack Snyder celebrated by releasing a new image of Commissioner Gordon for Justice League and a poster The Lego Batman Movie. Read more »


Luke Cage (Updated)

Netflix’s newest superhero drama will give Harlem a hero in Luke Cage as Mike Colter gets ready to star in Marvel’s latest series.  Read more »


Reggie’s Take Podcast #26

Join us here at Reggie’s Take as our 26th Podcast is now on-line as my guest and I remember a legendary comedian and movie star. Read more »

Star Wars Rogue One Chapter One FI2

Star Wars Go Rogue Contest

Rogue One is due out to theaters in December and Lucasfilm is asking fans to create their own stop-motion videos. Read more »

Star Trek 50 Logo FI2

Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek

On Thursday, Paramount released a new Star Trek 50th anniversary trailer celebrating the cinematic side of the long running sci-fi franchise. Read more »

Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer Image #47

Star Wars: The Force Awakens VFX Breakdown

Industrial Light & Magic, the visual effects company founded by George Lucas released a new video giving you a glimpse of how they transform your favorite scenes into a galaxy far, far away. Read more »

Deathstroke FI2


Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez for The New Teen Titans comic series in 1980, Deathstroke will soon be a part of Warner Brothers DCEU as we all found out this past week. Read more »

True Believers Star Trek Podcast FI2

True Believers 4-8: Star Trek Listen All of Y’all… It’s a Sabotage…

Star Trek has always had a long and rich history and not just in television and the movies, but the comics as well and I had the pleasure of beaming over to join the “True Believers” in their latest Podcast. Read more »

Thor Mockumentary FI2

A Thor Mockumentary

Ever wondered what “Thor” was doing during “Civil War” since he wasn’t choosing sides between team Cap or team Iron-Man. Not to worry, Marvel has answered that question in a funny new video. Read more »

The Late Bloomer FI2

The Late Bloomer

Going through puberty as a kid is a part of life no matter how embarrassing it may seem at times, but what if puberty didn’t hit until you were thirty? Read more »

Batman Return of the Caped Crusaders FI2

Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders – Trailer

“Holy time warp Batman!” 2016 may go down as the year of the “Bat” for many reasons, good or bad, but one thing is for sure you shouldn’t have any issues in finding a version that you enjoy. Read more »

TK-436 A Stormtrooper Story FI2

TK-436: A Stormtrooper Story – Star Wars Fan Film

Have you ever watched a Star Wars fan film before? No! Then you may want to give this one a watch as TK-436 gives you a unique look into a Stormtrooper’s life that’s never been done before. Read more »

Doctor Strange Logo FI2

New Doctor Strange Hi-Res Images

With just over three months left to keep us in the waiting room, Marvel has released new high-resolution images for its next movie in the MCU. Read more »

Arrival FI2

Arrival: Trailer

Paramount has released a full trailer for their upcoming movie “Arrival” about a linguist for the military who’s trying to determine the intentions of aliens who’ve landed here on Earth. Read more »

Reggie's Take Podcast #25 Audio Image

Reggie’s Take Podcast #25 – Suicide Squad Review

The third movie in Warner Brothers DCEU finally arrived at theaters in the form of “Suicide Squad” and we here at Reggie’s Take review the movie as only we know how. Read more »

Star Wars Rogue One Logo FI2

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Official Trailer

This December Disney and Lucasfilm will release the first stand-alone movie outside the trilogies and Thursday night the first official trailer was released for Rogue One. Read more »

Rogue One A Star Wars Story High Res FI2

NEW “Rogue One” High Resolution Images

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set in a universe/galaxy we’re familiar with, but at the same time Director Gareth Edwards is taking this opportunity to introduce everyone to new characters and worlds. Read more »

Star Trek Beyond Prime Spock FI2

Star Trek Beyond’s Tribute to Ambassador Spock

If you’ve seen Star Trek Beyond then you know what they do within the movie to pay tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy’s character Ambassador Spock. (Haven’t seen the movie? Spoiler Warning!!) Read more »