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After posting my 399th post here at Reggie’s, I wasn’t sure as to what I wanted to make my 400th post about. My first thought was to post about the number 400 and the different possible meanings its had throughout history and the movies, but I soon realized that might be a bit of an undertaking.

Not wanting to rush myself, I decided to take a day or two and think about what exactly I wanted to do. After thinking about it I realized this post should reflect what I am and who I am, that to post anything else would be cheating myself and the reasons why I started this site in the first place.

The one thing that kept coming to mind was Star Wars. Some of you may ask why Star Wars? Star Wars was the first real movie that stuck in my mind as a kid growing up. It was the first movie I could truly say was my favorite and to this day still ranks in my top five movies of all time.

As an adult Star Wars still keeps me feeling like a kid and with the release of Episode VII coming in May of 2015 I’m as anxious for it to hit theaters as a kid on Christmas eve waiting to open gifts on Christmas morning.

With that being said I couldn’t think of anything else then to post what I have always loved as a kid and still to this day as an adult. Star Wars!

The images below are just a few of what i have collected and saved over the years as I have come across them over the internet. Star Wars is why I love the movies so much and keeps me young at heart.

For all of you who may read this I hope each and everyone of you has that something special that keeps you also young at heart. Here’s to 400 more post to come!

Thank You from Reggie’s

Star Wars 1

Star Wars #2 by Alex Ross

Star Wars 2

Star Wars 3

Star Wars 4

Star Wars 5

Star Wars 6

Star Wars 7

Star Wars 8

Star Wars 9

Star Wars 10

Star Wars 11

Star Wars 12

Star Wars 14

Star Wars 15

Star Wars 13

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