Michael Shannon Returning for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, How?

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice just seems to be getting bigger and bigger with the amount of characters and cast that’s supposed to appear on the big screen and if this latest rumor is true then where will it end?

Michael Shannon who played General Zod in “The Man of Steel” could be returning, but how could he possibly return after having his neck broken by Superman? Back in November of 2014 Mr. Shannon was spotted in Chicago hanging out on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice during filming and according to different sources General Zod’s body and or suit may play a key in future DC movies.

I realize that if your like me, how many different DC characters could possibly be put into one movie not named “Justice League” and what’s even the point of having a Batman v Superman movie if they just keep adding on.

According to this newest rumor General Zod’s corpse is stolen or just acquired by Lex Luthor and experimented on, in the hopes of finding a weakness to exploit against Superman. In the course of his experimenting, Luthor “triggers the Doomsday genome,” causing the corpse to reanimate as the mindless killing machine at the center of The Death of Superman.

Previous reports in the past have suggested that “Doomsday” will appear in the movie and that the Kryptonian technology brought to Earth by Zod would somehow come into play as well in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Having Zod become “Doomsday” might make sense in this version of the DC Cinematic Universe that Zack Snyder has begun to create.

If your hoping this line of thinking by Warner Brothers and DC comes to fruition I’m not sure I would get to excited just yet. There’s been no word or knowledge that Michael Shannon was ever signed to more then just “The Man of Steel”, but if Warner Brothers and DC are doing anything what Marvel and Disney are doing then it’s possible Michael Shannon was signed to at least a three movie deal.

To be honest I’m going to blow off this rumor as just a rumor. Yeah Michael Shannon was seen on the set while filming occurred, but he could of easily just been visiting friends he made during the making of “Man of Steel”. Sure we could see his suit as an Easter egg some where in the background in “Dawn of Justice”, but that doesn’t mean Mr. Shannon will be seen in the movie.

I guess I will find out if I’m right or wrong when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in March of 2016.

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  1. I will say he was awesome as Zod. I just fear that this movie is getting too big at the moment


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