Director Chosen For Spider-Man Reboot (Updated!)

Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have decided on who will be at the helm for at least the first film in the new rebooted Spider-Man universe and it’s a gentlemen who’s no stranger to both movie studios.

Drew Goddard has been hired to write and direct the first film that thankfully won’t be another origin story, amen. Goddard was originally attached to direct Sony’s “Sinister Six” spinoff movie that was to follow “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” and was the first person set to write, direct, and act as the showrunner on the Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series. After writing the first few of episodes, he left that show to focus on Sinister Six.

Apparently Sony and Marvel have already figured out how to jump-start this version of Spider-Man by indicating that there will be no new origin story, that this version of the wall crawler will already be well established.

There’s been no official word yet if Spider-Man will actually appear in “Captain America: Civil War”, but it would be odd if Spider-Man didn’t at least make some sort of cameo. As far as the first solo movie it’s being reported that Spider-Man will be fighting Iron Man during the first part of the movie besides trying to pass the ‘audition’ to join the Avengers.

The majority of the movie will see Spider-Man dealing with the Sinister Six coming together. Sony going with this approach in hopes there may be still be a spinoff movie down the road.

The next big move for Sony and Marvel will be casting the role of Spider-Man and which young actor out there will be willing to sign on for a potential nine movie deal given that has become almost the norm with Marvel.

Both Sony and Marvel seem to be on a course of hopeful long-term success with Spider-Man, but as with all things, time will tell.


According to new reports Drew Goddard is only taking meetings about the Spider-Man directors chair at the moment, there’s always the possibility someone else could land the job. Could the Russo brothers sneak in?  We’ll keep you updated.

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