The Muppet Maniacs

If you like the Muppets and you like horror movies then you just might like what one artist has done in combining the two worlds together.

Artist Jason Beck created twelve posters featuring some of your favorite Muppets as different horror movie character from Jason, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface and Hannibal Lecter just to name a few. Mr. Beck’s Muppet/horror mashups up were created and posted four years ago on the Artstation website. While I’ve never been a big horror movie fan I’ve always loved the Muppets and found Mr. Beck’s creations fun and intriguing.

According to what Mr. Beck wrote on the Artstation website he set himself a few parameters, those being quote. “Don’t make them do poses/expressions their physical counterparts are incapable of, don’t spend more than 5-6 hours on each one, and don’t go *over* the line of good taste…just find the line.”

Some of you who are reading this may have already seen some if not all of his Muppet creations, for myself I just recently came across them and thought with it almost being Halloween it would be fun to let others share in the fun creations that Jason Beck created.

Gonzo as Jason Voorhees w/ Camilla as Mrs. Voorhees

Fozzie as Freddy Krueger

Ms. Piggy as Carrie White

Kermit as Norman Bates

Beaker as Michael Myers; Dr. Bunson Honeydew as Dr. Loomis

Swedish Chef as Leatherface

Animal as Buffalo Bill

Rowlf as Hannibal Lecter

Sam the Eagle as Pinhead

Scooter as Chucky

Electric Mayhem as Capt. Spaulding and the Firefly Family

Statler and Waldorf as The Grady Twins


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