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Opening Day 2011

Major League Baseball 2011 opening day is Thursday March 31. There are only a total of six games being played. I’m glad to see that they are not officially starting the season with a Sunday night game like they have in years past. 

Thursday Opening Day Scheduled Games  (according to

Braves vs. Nationals 1:05 PM EST.
Tigers vs. Yankees 1:05 PM EST.
Brewers vs. Reds 2:10 PM EST.
Angels vs. Royals 4:10 PM EST.
Padres vs. Cardinals 4:15 PM EST.
Giants vs. Dodgers 8:00 PM EST.

As for me I’m a KC Royals fan. I realize the Royals will probably never return to their glory days of the late 70’s through the mid 80’s, but like any loyal fan I have hopes at the beginning of every year that this year will be different. Only time will tell for the 2011 season and at this time I’m just hoping the Royals can finish with a 500 record.

What ever Team you route for I hope they have a good year and maybe we can meet in the playoff’s…now I’m just dreaming!


Harvick wins at Fontana

         The #29 Chevy of Kevin Harvick bumped Jimmie Johnson out of the way on the final lap on Sunday to win the Auto Club 400. Kyle Busch’s 3rd place finish kept the #18 from wining both the Nation Wide and Sprint Cup races on back to back weekends. Matt Kenseth finished 4th and Ryan Newman 5th.

          Auto Club 400 – Top ten

          1. Kevin Harvick
          2. Jimmie Johnson
          3. Kyle Busch
          4. Matt Kenseth
          5. Ryan Newman
          6. Carl Edwards
          7. Clint Bowyer
          8. Brian Vickers
          9. Kasey Kahne
       10. Juan Pablo Montoya


M*A*S*H Season 1

The first Season of M*A*S*H began with the Pilot episode that aired on September 17, 1972. A total of 24 episodes were produced. The following episodes are some of my favorites from the first season.

Chief Surgeon Who? – Henry appoints Hawkeye Chief Surgeon over Frank. Frank and Margaret call General Barker and despite unusual experiences with the staff of the 4077, Hawkeye’s skill as a surgeon leads General Barker to keep Hawkeye as Chief Surgeon.

Tuttle –  Hawkeye & Trapper create a fictional Captain named Tuttle. One thing leads to another and soon everyone in camp believes Tuttle is real. When General Clayton decides to honor Tuttle, Hawkeye has to find away to get rid of Tuttle without raising suspicion.

The Ringbanger – Hawkeye & Trapper try to have Colonel Buzz Brighton who has a high casualty record, sent back to the states by convincing him he’s insane. (Leslie Nielsen guest starred as Colonel Brighton)

The Longjohn Flap –  During a cold snap, Hawkeye receives a pair of long johns. Hawkeye gives them to Trapper out of sympathy and then Trapper loses them to Radar in a poker game. The long johns then pass through the cook, Frank, Margaret, Klinger, Father Mulcahy, and finally Colonel Blake, before ending up back with Hawkeye as a thank you from Blake for saving his life.

Dear Dad,  Dear Dad…AgainThe Army-Navy Game,  Major Fred C. Dobbs and Showtime round out the remaining good episodes from season one.




     Mash is a long running medical drama/comedy set in the 1950’s during the Korean war. The series spans 251 episodes over 11 seasons, from 1972 – 1983. The shows finale “Goodbye, Farwell and Amen” is still to this day the most watched television episode in American history.

     M*A*S*H is one of my favorite television shows of all time. I own all 11 seasons on DVD. As with all shows, each season has its really good shows and not so good shows. In it’s first year on the air 72-73, Mash was one of the lowest rated shows on the air, but during the summer (reruns) the ratings for mash picked up and CBS decided to give it another shot.

     More post on some of my favorite episodes of Mash as time goes on.


Best Star Wars Movie?

Please note that I have not listed Episode’s I and II, this was intentional.


Star Trek 45 Years

     2011 marks the 45th Anniversary of Star Trek. The Original series debuted in 1966 and ran for three years before being canceled in 1969. Star Trek The Motion Picture debuted in theaters in 1979  reuniting the original cast for the first time in ten years. The original cast would go on to make a total of six movies, the last one Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country.

      Four more television shows would be produced, starting in the mid to late 1980’s with The Next Generation, followed by Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise. Four movies were made starting in the 1990’s with the Next Generations cast, First Contact is considered the best of the four.

     In 2009  J.J. Abrams rebooted the franchise by going back to the original characters from TOS. Abrams used a new group of young actors to play the Legendary roles made famous by Shatner and Nimoy. Nimoy himself appeared in the movie as a much older Spock. It was the first new Star Trek movie in theaters since 2002’s Nemesis.


Edwards, Biffle…1,2

     Roush Fenway Racing on Friday swept the front row for the Bristol race on Sunday (3/20/11). Carl Edwards posted a lap of 128.014 to claim the pole from his team-mate Greg Biffle, who ran a lap of 127.622 and will start second beside Edwards. This will be the third consecutive race that a Roush Fenway car has claimed the pole.


Bristol Motor Speedway

     According to NASCAR the Sprint Cup race at Bristol Motor Speedway won’t be a sellout this Sunday, March 20, 2011. Bristol had a string of 55 consecutive sellouts broken last spring (2010) when only 138,000 fans showed up for the Food City 500. Bristol Motor Speedway can hold 160,000 fans for a single race.



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