Opening Day 2011

Major League Baseball 2011 opening day is Thursday March 31. There are only a total of six games being played. I’m glad to see that they are not officially starting the season with a Sunday night game like they have in years past. 

Thursday Opening Day Scheduled Games  (according to

Braves vs. Nationals 1:05 PM EST.
Tigers vs. Yankees 1:05 PM EST.
Brewers vs. Reds 2:10 PM EST.
Angels vs. Royals 4:10 PM EST.
Padres vs. Cardinals 4:15 PM EST.
Giants vs. Dodgers 8:00 PM EST.

As for me I’m a KC Royals fan. I realize the Royals will probably never return to their glory days of the late 70’s through the mid 80’s, but like any loyal fan I have hopes at the beginning of every year that this year will be different. Only time will tell for the 2011 season and at this time I’m just hoping the Royals can finish with a 500 record.

What ever Team you route for I hope they have a good year and maybe we can meet in the playoff’s…now I’m just dreaming!

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