Knaus Appeal, Denied!

Chad Knaus the crew chief of Jimmie Johnson lost his appeal Tuesday challenging penalties for failing the opening-day inspection for the Daytona 500.

A three-member committee heard testimony from Hendrick Motorsports plus NASCAR.

NASCAR said Chad Knaus presented a car that had illegally modified sheet metal between the roof and the side windows. Knaus maintains NASCAR made that determination with a visual inspection, the No. 48 never even made it to the templates and the car had been used at all four restrictor-plate races in 2011.

The three-member committee ruled unanimously in favor of the sanctions against Chad Knaus.

”I don’t accept it, Period. From the days I started in this sport, from what I had to deal with until today, NASCAR has made tremendous strides. None of us want to have to go through this, but sometimes you just disagree, and this is one of those cases.” Rick Hendrick said.

Knaus has stayed out of trouble with NASCAR since the 2007 season, when he was suspended six races for flaring out the front bumpers of Johnson’s car at Sonoma.

The team will appeal to the National Stock Car Racing chief appellate officer, John Middlebrook, who was appointed in early 2010 as the final judge in NASCAR’s appeals process. Knaus will work this weekend at Bristol Motor Speedway.

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