The Avengers Dominate at Box Office!

The Avengers absolutely dominated the box office as it set about breaking records.

Avengers is largest ever opening with $200.3 million, easily topping the $169 million banked by previous record holder Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.

Surveys going into the weekend indicated the film would have a massive domestic opening of at least $150 million, giving it one of the top five highest U.S. debuts ever. Instead, the movie soared passed such strong performers as “The Dark Knight,” “The Hunger Games” and “Spider-Man 3,” all of which collected more than $150 million on their debuts.

The movie also became the fastest movie to earn $100 million, $150 million and $200 million as well as breaking the highest one day take for a single Saturday with $69.7 million and Sunday with $50.1 million. With over $46,000 per theater, it also topped the record for most cash per screen.

“The Avengers” is the first Marvel film being marketed and released by Disney, which in 2010 bought the rights to Marvel’s remaining two movie projects in its six-picture distribution deal with Paramount Pictures.

Marvel is about to start shooting “Iron Man 3,” while “Thor 2” is ramping up.

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