NASCAR’s Gen6 Car

With NASCAR debuting the new Gen6 car at The Unlimited at Daytona on Saturday night you might be wondering what has changed compared to the COT car that had it’s last ride with the Miami-Homestead race this past November.

1. The nose is 2 inches longer.

2. Decals are not permitted on the headlights or tailights. They have been moved to the bumpers.

3. Carbon fiber hood.

4. The rake of the windshield has been increased by 2.5 degrees.

5. Three extra bars have been added to the roll cage.

6. The size of the contingency sponsor and car number decals have been reduced.

7. Driver’s name decal will run on top of the windshield.

8. Roof has been rounded and roof flaps are now larger.

9. All body panels other then the deck lid, are supplied by OEMs.

10. Carbon fiber deck lid.

11. The tail is 6 inches shorter.

12. Spoiler angle now at 70 Degrees. (Restrictor-Plate races maybe different)

13. Weight has been cut by 150 lbs. not including driver.

14. Wheelbase remains 110 inches

15. Width was increased by 3 inches from 74 to 77 inches.

Gen6 Car 2

NASCAR’s Gen6 Car

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