Batman vs Superman and Nightwing? Why?

I’m not sure how I feel about this particular piece of news concerning the Batman vs Superman or Man of Steel 2 movie. Now they want to add Nightwing?

According to several different web-sites, two unnamed actors and 29 year old actor Adam Driver, the supposed front runner are being considered for the role of Dick Grayson.

For those who may not be familiar with the comics, Dick Grayson at one time was “Robin” Batman’s sidekick. Eventually Grayson goes out on his own and assumes the persona of “Nightwing”

Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder supposedly want to establish the character of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing in the up coming Batman vs Superman movie. The story arc in the movie wants to show that Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson have not seen one another for a number of years. With the possibility of some friction between the two as well.

Not to mention there is also a casting call out for a female role who is expected to serve as a love interest for Batman. It’s unclear if the role is that of Wonder Woman or her alter ego Diana Prince, who is expected to make a brief appearance along with the Flash.

I get that Warner Brothers is trying to work towards a Justice League movie and I think that’s great. I can’t wait to see it in theaters when it happens, but shouldn’t this be more a “Man of Steel” sequel? I like the concept of having Batman in the up coming movie as a wiser, older, more mature superhero to try and polish the rough edges of a young Superman, but how many more DC characters do we need in a Superman sequel?

I have always been a big Batman fan and the number of comics in my closet would prove that, but I don’t think Warner Brothers really needs to add the Dick Grayson character to the movie. A mention of him in the dialog is one thing, actually casting him is another. I feel just a mention would be good enough for most fans.

You start adding to many characters to this movie and your taking the risk of losing what they started with the “Man of Steel”. The more they add the more Warner Brothers looks to anxious to jump to a Justice League movie.

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