Star Trek TOS Retro Prints

The latest Star Trek: The Original Series Art Prints by Juan Ortiz. This month they include “The Changeling”,  “Errand of Mercy”, “Return to Tomorrow”, “The Deadly Years”. 

The Changeling

Juan Ortiz comments on the design:  The Changeling
The image derived from the opening scene where Nomad fires upon the Enterprise. I wanted Nomad to take on a more human-like form. The antennas here work as arms, while his body is removed so that I can add speed-lines. It gave me a sort of “super-villain” feel to it, so I added the copy.

Errand of Mercy

Juan Ortiz comments on the design:  Errand of Mercy
It was initially a sword stabbing the planet. But as most fans know, that is the symbol for the Federation in the Mirror universe. So the challenge was to make it Klingon.

Return to Tomorrow

Juan Ortiz comments on the design:  Return to Tomorrow
I again turned to Russian posters for my inspiration and I had always wanted to try placing an eye within the Enterprise hull, simply as a design element. The stripes are a recurring element within Russian posters.

The Deadly Years

 Juan Ortiz comments on the design:  The Deadly Years
The attempt was more of the implication of Death, looming over the Enterprise as Kirk and some of his crew rapidly aged.

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