Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer Debuting Soon

If you are a Ninja Turtles fan and your looking forward to the new movie coming out later this year then get ready to get your cowabunga on.

With very little known or so much as an official image released, producer Galen Walker let it be known the first trailer for the film will debut in front of Captain America: The Winter Soldier when the film opens on April 4th.

This version of the Turtles will be created using performance capture technology with Alan Ritchson, Pete Ploszek, Jeremy Howard, and Noel Fisher preforming the physical aspects of the roles.

Megan Fox will star as April O’Neil, William Fichtner as Shredder, Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld) as Splinter, and Will Arnett playing a yet unknown character. The Ninja Turtles movie is being Produced by Michael Bay who is currently working on the fourth Transformers movie also due out later this summer.

The storyline for the movie has been kept under wraps, but at one time it was thought to be a grittier, darker version then what we saw with the movies in the early 90’s.

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