Cumberbatch, Oldman and Indiana Jones?

Remember all those old jokes you used to hear from your father or grandfather that always started something like… the Pope, a politician and a pollock all walk into a bar. On Tuesday news/rumours surrounding Star Wars Episode VII came out regarding casting.

According to multiple reports from multiple websites more actors have been confirmed according to their sources and if one of the reports is accurate it could mean more Indiana Jones movies sooner than later, no joke.

The biggest names to be confirmed (supposedly) is that both Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman have been cast in the movie despite the fact that at one time both actors were being eyed for the same role.

It has been well-known for sometime now that Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher would be back, but now it also seems that some other old favorites will also be returning. The source claims that Ian McDiarmid, Billy Dee Williams, Anthony Daniels, and Warwick Davies will all be back and involved in the filming of Episode VII.

What I find interesting with some of the additional cast reportedly returning is that of Ian McDiarmid, who played Emperor Palpatine, in both trilogies. In case you’re not a Star Wars fan, Vader killed Palpatine in “Return of the Jedi” by throwing him down the second death stars main shaft.

If I remember correctly there was a novel or possibly comic story line where Palpatine had himself cloned (sometime before Return of the Jedi) at one time and his clone came out of hiding causing issues for Luke and the New Republic. Maybe?? Or will we see him like we did Obi-Wan as an after image?

The other twist in all of this casting news/rumor claims that part of Harrison Ford’s deal for him returning as Han Solo is also a deal that will allow him to return as everyone’s favorite archaeologist in two more “Indiana Jones” movies.

If true, it could explain why Ford has been so tight-lipped about his potential return to the character that made him famous. As with any actor or actress he was wanting something more than just money to return to Star Wars. Ford has made it known the last couple of years of his desire to make more “Indiana Jones” films after the “Crystal Skull” not living up to the first three.

However until Abrams or Disney come out and officially announce the cast, all of this should be taken as intended, rumours.

I’m as big of a Star Wars fan as there is and I really wish Abrams or Disney would at least confirm soon as to who will be acting in the movie. I’m not asking for plot details, but I’m getting a little tired of who may or may not be in the next film.


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