Howard the Duck in Post Credit Scene of Guardians

According to an online report it was leaked on Wednesday the post credit scene in the Guardians of the Galaxy will feature everyone’s favorite duck from the Marvel Universe.

In a clip, which is under a minute long, Guardians villain The Collector, Benicio Del Toro is having a cocktail in his laboratory with a talking, CGI duck.

Howard the Duck first appeared in Marvel comics as a one-off visual gag in a 1973 Man-Thing story. Creator Steve Gerber launched a Howard the Duck title of in 1976. Through the years, Howard the Duck maintained some crossover with the superhero universe.

If true, does this mean Howard the Duck might see a second life in Hollywood? Who knows, it’s Hollywood. What it does mean is that Marvel has an obvious sense of humor about a character that received a bad image campaign from a 1986 movie directed by George Lucas.

So if anyone sees Guardians of the Galaxy over its opening weekend, let me know if Howard the Duck actually makes an appearance, I would love to know.

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