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The next Star Trek movie seems to be getting closer to the start of production and filming in hopes of being released in time for Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, but will the third movie be what everyone has been hoping for from the rebooted franchise?

It’s been reported that Paramount was happy with the script that was turned in and is supposedly moving forward with the project and have set production to start in mid February, 2015. Roberto Orci is still set to direct, at least to my knowledge, since J.J. Abrams won’t be able to due to his obligations with another little known space adventure for Disney.

Even though Paramount has yet to “officially” green-lit the movie until a budget has been finalized, Orci and his production team have already started pre-production, including “pre-vis,” early effects tests, set and wardrobe design and even some casting discussions regarding the newer characters.

When we finally get to see Star Trek 3 it will be set well into their five year mission they were setting out on at the end of “Into Darkness”, according to the report no part of the movie will take place on Earth. Paramount is currently eyeing a 2016 release date being it’s Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary.

Reggie’s Take:
Now I’ve made it no secret in the past that I’ve liked the two previous movies from J.J. Abrams. They weren’t perfect, they may not have been extremely thought provoking, but they were enjoyable (in my opinion).

I obviously have no idea what kinda of story line or plot they have decided on for the third movie, but I do have some thoughts and concerns in where I hope they take this current crew and franchise.

I will start first with who is supposedly directing the movie, Roberto Orci. This will be Mr. Orci’s first ever directing job and he gets to prove himself on one of the most iconic sci-fi franchises of all time. Is he capable of being a director? For arguments sake lets say he is. My surprise is that Paramount is willing to put a first time director in charge of such huge franchise such as Star Trek.

Yes Mr. Orci has written numerous scripts for multiple studios with big budgets that went on to be block busters and yes he was on set for the first two Star Trek movies with J.J. Abrams and yes he maybe a huge Trek fan, but it doesn’t mean it’s the correct choice. You have to wonder if Paramount is going with Orci because it’s the easy choice in order to get the third movie out in time for a 2016 release.

Star Trek Into Darkness c

Star Trek Into Darkness

Next on my list of concerns is the story line or plot for the third movie. I like the fact their moving us forward in time and dropping us in a few years into the crews five year mission; I find that to be a good thing. I’m however hoping to see two things in the next movie; one I’m guessing will be more likely then the other.

The first thing I’m wanting to see is the friendship and trust all Star Trek fans know Kirk and Spock always had in the original timeline has finally occurred in this new alternate timeline. Having Kirk and Spock at odds and having to get know one another and get past the distrust was fine for the first two movies, but it’s time to show they now have that friendship that will define them both that Prime Spock eluded to in the first movie.

My biggest wish for Star Trek 3 is Klingons! We didn’t see them at all in the first movie as the scenes that were shot were later dropped and we got a small glimpse of them in “Into Darkness”.

Star Trek Into Darkness Klingon

Star Trek Into Darkness

Yes I know their supposed to be in the middle of their five year mission, but it doesn’t mean we can’t have Klingons as the bad guys. Since “Star Trek VI Undiscovered Country” we have seen an El-Aurian scientist, the Borg, Son’a, Romulans, Romulans and Khan as the villians.

To have a Star Trek movie set in Kirk and Spock’s time, original or alternate timelines and not have the Klingons, as the main villains for an entire movie would be like not having the Joker appear in a Batman trilogy, wouldn’t be right. I want to see the beginnings of the hatred on both sides between Kirk and the Klingons.

I would love to see what leads Kirk to have such mistrust towards them and to see the Klingons not only respect Kirk in battle, but at the same time want to see Kirk killed. I seriously doubt I will get my wish and see the Klingons as the bad guys and if that’s the case I will have to live with it.

I have high hopes for the third movie. I love the cast they have assembled to portray the original crew. My biggest hope, other then seeing Klingons, is that Orci and Paramount give us a completely original story and not some take of a story already seen once before.

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  1. The biggest problem I have with the new movies (and I am not saying i don’t like them, I do) is like you said they are not very thought provoking. They are just all about the action and thats never been what Star Trek is about. All the original and Next Gen movies had their fare share of action and still had moments that made you stop and wonder “How would I react in this situation? Would I do anything differently?” Even Star Trek V had its moments. I will say that Into Darkness was a far superior film to the first and did go a little deeper. I liked how we actually had a Khan we could sympathize with at times and that we saw more of his abilities.

    Here’s hoping then Reggie that this will be the maturing of this rebooted franchise. Am I sorry J.J. Abrams is gone? Nope. I never liked the guy. He had no respect for Trek in my opinion and just wanted to do Star Wars.


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