Chris Pratt Rumored For Indiana Jones

For anyone who’s been around since about 1980 Harrison Ford has been synonymous with everyone’s favourite archaeologist Dr. Henry Jones Jr. aka “Indiana Jones”, but will today’s possible rumor be a good or bad move for a popular franchise.

It was reported earlier today by that Disney/Lucasfilm have possibly begun looking into reviving the “Indiana Jones” franchise and “Guardians of the Galaxy” star Chris Pratt according to the report is at the top of Disney’s list to play the iconic role. In early 2014 “American Sniper” star Bradley Cooper was at one time also rumored to be a possible replacement for Harrison Ford.

In 2013 Disney and Paramount struck a deal allowing Disney to be able to make new “Indiana Jones” movies after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in late 2012. The powers to be from Disney made it cleasr then it would be several years before any new “Indy” films would be made.

Today’s news about Chris Pratt should obviously be taken as a rumor, but with the success of “Guardians of the Galaxy”, his starring role in this summers expected hit “Jurassic World” and his role in The Magnificent Seven, a remake of the classic western co-starring Denzel Washington that will begin filming sometime this spring it’s no wonder his name has been mentioned as a front-runner.

Reggie’s Take:
For me personally I have no issues with either Chris Pratt or Bradley Cooper taking over the role of “Indiana Jones”. They could both easily step into the role that Harrison Ford made famous and look as if they were meant to for it all along.

My biggest issue with any actor that takes over the character would be the setting or backdrop. Indiana Jones franchise for me I think works best set in the late 1920’s and 30’s. If Disney wants to stay true to the character and the franchise the time period in which we see “Indiana Jones” play in is crucial in my book.

The second issue for Disney is to stay away from retelling any of the adventures we have already seen on the big screen. That means no “Ark” no “Temple’s” of doom or “Crusades” for the cup of Christ.

Whether the new movie is a reboot or new stories with a new face playing the lead role make sure and I stress this the most, new stories/adventures!

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