Evolution of The Batman Costume

With the release of the first trailer for Batman v Superman, we here at Reggie’s Take thought we might take a trip down memory lane and look at the different styles of Batman costumes created for the movies.

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters in March of 2016, Ben Affleck will become the sixth different actor to portray Batman up on the big screen, starting with Adam West.

Batman has had a storied history in the cinema with plenty of hits and misses along the way. Taking a look back at just a handful of those classic looks Hollywood has given us.

Adam West Batman

Batman: The Movie (1966) / Adam West

Adam West Batman gave us the first ever Batman movie. It was campy and light-hearted and with that came brighter colors, zany performances.


Michael Keaton Batman

Batman (1989) / Michael Keaton

In 1989 Michael Keaton played a brooding Batman veiled in shadow, brining Tim Burrton’s version of Batman to life. 1992’s ‘Batman Returns,’ was somehow darker than even the original.


Val Kilmer Batsuit

Batman Forever (1995) / Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer took over the role in 1995’s Batman Forever. The costume had some minor changes done to it when Joel Schumacher took over directing duties, but for the most part still bore some resemblance to Keatons costume.


George Clooney Batman 1

Batman & Robin (1997) / George Clooney

George Clooney Batman 2

Batman & Robin (1997) / George Clooney

In ‘Batman & Robin,’ it all went south when Warner Brothers let Joel Schumacher have complete control. The costume design was terrible with ice-colored accents and Bat-nipples.


Batman Begins

Batman Begins (2005) / Christian Bale

Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, jumpstarted the franchise with new life in 2005. Christian Bale’s costume for the movie was more like heavy armor, giving him an imposing presence.


Batman Dark Knight Suit

The Dark Knight (2008) / Christian Bale

“The Dark Knight” made Christian Bale’s costume leaner and meaner. This version allowed an actor to actually turn his head for the first time when in costume.


Batman v Superman Ben Affleck

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) / Ben Affleck

Zack Snyder’s look for Batman in Batman v Superman resembles Frank Miller’s take on the costume. This version of Batman would make any actor look badass, even Affleck.

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batsuit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)

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