“Bourne 5” To Begin Filming Shortly

Ever since 2007 fans have wanted Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass to return for another “Bourne” movie and as production is finally due to get underway, Damon gives us a small clue as to the kind of world we should expect to find Bourne in.

The first three “Bourne” movies made Damon and action star in his own right and in a recent interview Damon said there was a reason for such a long period between movies. “We always looked at those movies as really about the Bush presidency, and so we kind of had to wait for the world to change.”

“What does the character have to say?” That was something that he and director Paul Greengrass would ask every few years and when Edward Snowden the NSA whistleblower came to full light that’s when they came up with a new story to tell for Jason Bourne.

“It’s Bourne through an austerity-riddled Europe and in a post-Snowden world. It seems like enough has changed, you know? There are all these kinds of arguments about spying and civil liberties and the nature of democracy.” Said Damon.

“Bourne 5” will see Tommy Lee Jones and Alicia Vikander joining the cast with Matt Damon. Julia Stiles will also reprise her role of Nicky Parsons, which she’s played since 2002’s The Bourne Identity.

Filming will begin in Greece and the movie it self will conclude in Las Vegas. “Bourne 5” is scheduled to hit theaters in July of 2016.

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  1. I am officially excited about this! 😁


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