Boba Fett – Fan Made Trailer

Does the thought of a Boba Fett Star Wars spin-off movie make you excited or do you wish they just leave the idea alone? One fan has gone where he hopes Lucasfilm and Disney might.

We have no idea if we’ll ever get a Star Wars Anthology movie starring ‘Boba Fett’, but a fan-made trailer will leave you intrigued and maybe even excited by the prospect of one. From director Eric Demeusy, it shows everyone’s favorite bounty hunter emerging from the clutches of the Sarlacc, and recovering his old ship from the sands of Tatooine.

Titled Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology, the video gives us a remarkable production value along with costumes and visual effects. At one time Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was rumored to direct a Boba Fett movie, but after seeing Fantastic Four I’m personally glad to know Mr. Trank won’t be directing a Star Wars film of any kind.

Check out the video below!



What’s your thought on a Boba Fett anthology movie? Should Lucasfilm /Disney pursue one or leave the character alone?

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