Batman v Superman 2nd Week Box Office Results

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a financial success in its opening weekend despite the critics taking Zack Snynder’s superhero film to task, but how did it fair its second weekend out?

With little competition at the box office, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remained atop the box office for a second week in a row taking in an estimated $52 million domestically, but that $52 million means Batman v Superman had a 70% drop-off in just one week.

The movie as a whole has now taken in a worldwide total of $682.9 million in its first ten days out, which surpasses the Man of Steel’s entire box office earnings.

To put everything in perspective Batman v Superman has now out grossed some other superhero movies that may surprise you. Batman Begins $374.2 million, Iron Man $582.2 million, Iron Man 2 $623.9 million and Thor: The Dark World $644.6 million.


Box Office April 1-3 Weekend


Reggie’s Take:
Despite the harsh tone of the critics and the nearly 70% drop off from week one to week two the film could show some stamina during the rest of its theatrical run.

Yes, the movie has its flaws and may not have the repeat viewing appeal that a film like Star Wars may have, but it does have one thing going for it, Batman and Superman in the same movie doing battle with each other.

Despite the movies flaws, it is my opinion that Batman v Superman is a very enjoyable film. Did it deserve the 30% ratings on Rotten Tomatoes? Maybe, maybe not. I do feel that because this movie was so hyped for so long that Warner Brothers and Zack Snyder almost set themselves up for failure with out even realizing it.

Will it cross the billion-dollar mark for Warner Brother’s before its theatrical run is over with? Sure, anything is possible and whether it does or it does not Warner Brother’s DCEU will continue on at full steam a head.

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