Reggie’s Take Top 3 Best and Worst Films of 2016

2016 is gone and 2017 has arrived so what are my top movies and what are my worst movies that I was able to see in 2016?

I’ve made it no secret I’m not a full-time or professional movie critic and have to work a normal everyday job to keep a roof over my head and food on my table, but I do enjoy going to movies any chance I can.

The disadvantage of having a normal job is that I don’t get to see every movie I would like to so when I do go the theater I’m picky in what I do see. In case your wondering just how many movies I was able to see on the big screen in 2016 the answer would be twelve. Yes twelve movies is not a lot, but I’m of the opinion it doesn’t matter.

So what are my top three movie and what are my worst three movies for 2016, lets find out by starting with what I feel were not necessarily the worst movies, but what I see as three movies that were most disappointing and could of been so much better.

Top 3 Worst/Disapointing Films of 2016

At number 3 Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters 2016 Image

Directed by Paul Feig and starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones was Sony’s attempt to reboot the franchise. The original Ghostbusters movie is as iconic and one of the most beloved movies from the 1980’s. Now for me personally I had no issues with the casting of four women in the lead roles although there were some out there who were stuck in the 1800’s in their opinions.

The Podcast review I did this summer I gave it about a C. There were parts of the movie I really liked and there were moments in the movie that showed promise in carving out it’s own nitch, but every time the movie tried to step out of the shadows of the original it took two steps backwards.

Personally I felt Sony should have made the movie a sequel and build on what the first two movies from 1980’s then trying to reboot it. As much fun as it was to see the actors from the original movies make cameos I would have rather seen them playing their original characters.

The 2016 Ghostbusters had potential, but the disappointing moments drug it down.

At number 2 Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman DOJ Image #20


The two most iconic super heroes in the world of comic books and it took until 2016 before we saw both characters share the big screen at the same time, so what could go wrong?

Much like Ghostbusters, Batman v Superman had potential but failed to deliver on what should have been the ultimate super hero movie. Yes the movie did financially okay at the box office, but never was able to fully deliver.

The movie I felt was edited in a choppy way that never really explained or least help the movie move its story long in a cohesive way. Henry Cavil spends more time as Superman then he does Clark Kent and when he is Kent we don’t get to see him being a reporter.

Affleck’s Batman was an older more grizzled dark knight after years spent fighting crime in Gotham and even though Affleck plays an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman his brutality could be looked at as possibly to dark by some.

In my opinion Zack Snyder never found the right balance in telling a good story and all the action in trying to set up the showdown between our two heroes. My biggest question is who at Warner Brothers made the decision to release the PG-13 version to theaters instead of the extended cut that came to blu-ray?

The extended cut didn’t fix the theatrical cut issues, but would have improved the quality that audiences paid to see. Even though Batman is my all time favorite super-hero of all time Batman v Superman makes this list simply because I had such high expectations and it didn’t meet them.

At number 1  Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad High Res Image #8

Suicide Squad’s trailers made the movie look like a fun exciting ride that promised to give us a movie about the villains of the DC Universe getting the chance to do something heroic for a change.

I’ll start with what stood out with the movie and that was Will Smith as “Deadshot” and Margot Robbie as “Harley Quinn”. By far the two bright spots and stand out characters in the movie. Will Smith as “Deadshot” reminded me how fun he can be to watch when he’s in a role that allows him the chance to show off his action skills and humor and not be over the top with either.

Margot Robbie was extremely easy on the eyes as “Harley Quinn” in her outfit and she had her fun moments and it not take you out of the movie. They showed us some intriguing back story moments with Harley and the Joker to get you excited for the character, but unfortunately didn’t give us enough.

The biggest reason this movie lands in my number one slot for worst/most disappointing movie of 2016 is the Squad of villains are sent to rescue someone of importance being held captive by the Enchantress only to find out it’s Amanda Waller the one who put the team together.

This to me made the entire mission these villains were sent on nothing more then a training exercise set up by Waller to prove her point to the Government that it could be done. They also did not utilize Jared Leto’s “Joker” to his fullest potential either.

In my opinion the Joker should of been the bad guy the team was sent out to stop, which would of made for an even more intriguing story line and conflict for Harley and what was expected from her. Much like Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad should have been an easy home run when all Warner Brothers could do was hit foul balls the entire movie.

Top 3 Best Films of 2016

At number 3 Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond Images #13

For the record I’m a life long Star Trek fan of the original television series all the way through “Enterprise” and all ten movies that came before Abrams 2009 reboot. I’m also a supporter of the first two Abram’s movies. They may not be perfect, but I can think of least three other Star Trek movies that were made with the original 1960’s cast that I would rank as worse.

The first two movies in the Kelvin time line 2009’s Star Trek and 2013’s Into Darkness both were financially successful in theaters, but were not so much loved by the hard core fans of Star Trek. Star Trek Beyond did what the first two movies didn’t do and that was bringing more of a typical Trek feel back to the franchise.

Star Trek Beyond was a fun and exciting third entry in the rebooted franchise that was able to balance fan service and still maintain a fresh modern feel that felt very much like a television episode.

Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk who questions himself if he should remain in Starfleet after celebrating a birthday that makes him older then what his father, George Kirk ever reached. Zachary Quinto’s Spock who after receiving some sad news feels he must return to New Vulcan in order to continue rebuilding. Plus we finally get to see Doctor McCoy and Spock develop their friendship as it were in a way the two previous movies never explored like one would of liked.

The big pay off for me came at the end of Beyond where Quinto’s Spock is going through the personal effects of Ambassador Spock that to me was an acknowledgement to the original cast and crew that will leave a lump in your throat no matter who you are.

There are those out there that would love to see this incarnation of Star Trek just go away, but for me personally I feel Beyond was that step that should keep this particular cast coming back for a few more movies.

At number 2 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Rogue one was the last movie I saw before 2016 came to a close and it did not disappoint in the least. The first stand-alone movie ever made and the first not to be connected to the trilogies.

Rogue One introduced us to a whole new set of characters with some returning characters loved and feared by all. Rogue One tells the story of how the rebellion stole the plans to the first Death Star. The three outstanding characters of the movie were “Jyn Erson”, “Captain Cassian Andor” and the reprogrammed Imperial security droid “K-2SO”.

The first stand-alone movie in a galaxy far, far away put “war” into Star Wars for the first time. A darker, grittier tone that feels different from any of the trilogy movies makes Rogue One very distinct in the Star Wars universe.

The movies pacing moves at a brisk pace that doesn’t stop, but not so fast that you can’t catch your breath. The second half builds intensity and with all of the fantastic special effects that we’ve come to expect makes the final battle both on the ground and in space genuinely thrilling.

The biggest thrill for me with Rogue One was the fan service Gareth Edwards gave us. The return of Darth Vader and his imposing presence was known from the first trailer, but we also saw the return of Grand Moff Tarkin, the two guys from the cantina on Jeda. Plus lets not forget the return of Red and Gold leader that help make Rogue One of the most exciting Star Wars movies in a long time.

At Number 1 Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War Image A

Captain America: Winter Solider was nothing but superlative in so many ways so how do you follow up such a movie? You make the next one even better.

Even though Civil War is technically a sequel to Winter Solider the movie also serves to set up future Marvel films with the introduction of new characters into the Marvel Cinematic universe with Black Panther and Spider-Man.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo give us what could arguably be the best movie to date from Marvel by juggling multiple characters while each one is allowed a chance to shine while the story itself continually moves forward.

Scarlet Witch struggles with the ramifications of her powers; Black Widow is torn between Captain and Iron Man when the line in the sand is drawn. Black Panther who comes from an African Nation who also have a problem with Bucky. Lets not forget Spider-Man whose introduction to the MCU was something fun to watch and the proper move needed to revitalize the character.

Civil War’s antagonists didn’t come from your typical villain looking to destroy the world. Instead your villain or villains are also your protagonists. For everything Batman v Superman did wrong, Civil War seemed to get it right. The battle between Batman and Superman was fun to watch, but had no real emotion to it, but when Steve and Tony come to blows in Civil War you don’t find yourself rooting for one over the other because it feels like your watching two brothers fighting and it’s hard to watch.

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  1. Ghostbusters and Suicide Squad were naff. I thought the extended cut of Batman vs Superman was okay. They should have shown that version of the film in the cinema. I’m not a fan of studios blackmailing fans by making them buy the home release to see the cut stuff.


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