MLB Payrolls Increasing For 2013

Baseball’s opening-day payrolls for the 2013 season will exceed $3 billion for the first time in MLB history.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, whose payroll is projected to be around $213 million is the highest in the major leagues a 123.9-percent increase over there 2012 Opening Day payroll. The Dodgers off season signing of Zack Greinke a $147 million deal over six years was there biggest deal over the winter.

The Bronx’s Bombers aka New York Yankees payroll for 2013 is more than $12 million over there 2012 season. The Philadelphia Phillies $158 million, Los Angeles Angels $152 million and Boston Red Sox / Detroit Tigers $150 million are the only teams that come close to what the Dodgers and Yankees are spending.

Houston, Miami, Pittsburgh, Oakland, Tampa Bay are projected to be the lowest salaried teams in 2013.

Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, Washington Nationals, Cincinnati Reds and Kansas City Royals round out the five biggest payroll hikes by percentage over there 2012 payroll.

For where I live in the U.S. the closest MLB team would be considered a small market team. I have been a fan of the idea for a number of years that Major League Baseball should adopt a salary cap and revenue sharing similar to what the NFL does. One of the reasons baseball has become my 3rd favorite sport behind Football and NASCAR is due to the huge gaps between the large market teams and the small market teams.

The small market team that I live the closest to always seems to get good players to emerge whether it’s from there farm system or by the draft, but as soon as that player has proven himself on the diamond and he becomes a free agent his original team stands no chance in being able to resign him. Teams like the Yankees, Dodgers, Angels, Red Sox all seem to be able write checks that the majority of the smaller teams would never be able to match. That alone irritates me.

I’m not sure about anyone else who follows Major League Baseball on a regular basis, but I don’t think it’s fair for a team to be able to buy a championship. Every April I always have a small glimmer of hope that my team might actually make the playoffs, but when October comes around it seems to me the same few teams are once again playing in the World Series.

Team 2013 payroll
2012 Opening Day Payroll
% change
Arizona Diamondbacks $89,000,000 $74,284,833 19.81
Atlanta Braves $85,000,000 $83,309,942 2.03
Baltimore Orioles $92,000,000 $81,428,999 12.98
Boston Red Sox $150,000,000 $173,186,617 -13.39
Chicago Cubs $103,000,000 $88,197,033 16.78
Chicago White Sox $117,000,000 $96,919,500 20.72
Cincinnati Reds $107,000,000 $82,203,616 30.16
Cleveland Indians $71,000,000 $78,430,300 -9.47
Colorado Rockies $73,000,000 $78,069,571 -6.49
Detroit Tigers $150,000,000 $132,300,000 13.38
Houston Astros $32,000,000 $60,651,000 -47.24
Kansas City Royals $78,000,000 $60,916,225 28.04
Los Angeles Angels $152,000,000 $154,485,166 -1.61
Los Angeles Dodgers $213,000,000 $95,143,575 123.87
Miami Marlins $45,000,000 $118,078,000 -61.89
Milwaukee Brewers $72,000,000 $97,653,944 -26.27
Minnesota Twins $80,000,000 $94,085,000 -14.97
New York Mets $84,000,000 $93,353,983 -10.02
New York Yankees $210,000,000 $197,962,289 6.08
Oakland A’s $60,000,000 $55,372,500 8.36
Philadelphia Phillies $158,000,000 $174,538,938 -9.48
Pittsburgh Pirates $55,000,000 $63,431,999 -13.29
San Diego Padres $65,000,000 $55,244,700 17.66
San Francisco Giants $137,000,000 $117,620,683 16.48
Seattle Mariners $71,000,000 $81,978,100 -13.39
St. Louis Cardinals $115,000,000 $110,300,862 4.26
Tampa Bay Rays $60,000,000 $64,173,500 -6.50
Texas Rangers $120,000,000 $120,510,974 -0.42
Toronto Blue Jays $115,000,000 $75,489,200 52.34
Washington Nationals $113,000,000 $81,336,143 38.93
Totals: $3,072,000,000 $2,940,657,192

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