The Shawshank Redemption

Red: I’m known to locate certain things from time to time.
Andy: I wonder if you might get me a rock-hammer.
Red: …What is it and why?
Andy: What do you care?
Red: What if it was a toothbrush? I wouldn’t ask questions. I’d just quote a price. But then, a toothbrush is a non-lethal object, isn’t it?
Andy: Fair enough. A rock-hammer is about six or seven inches long. Looks like a miniature pick-axe.
Red: Pick-axe?
Andy: For rocks.
Red: Rocks. Quartz?
Andy: Quartz. Here’s some mica, shale, limestone.
Red: So?
Andy: So I’m a rock-hound. At least I was, in my old life. I’d like to be again, on a limited basis.
Red: Or maybe you’d like to sink your toy into somebody’s skull.
Andy: No, sir. I have no enemies here.
Red: No? Wait a while. Word gets around. The Sisters have taken quite a likin’ to you, especially Bogs.
Andy: I don’t suppose it would help any if I explained to them I’m not homosexual.
Red: Neither are they. You have to be human first. They don’t qualify. Bull queers take by force. That’s all they want or understand. If I were you, I’d grow eyes in the back of my head.
Andy: Thanks for the advice.
Red: That’s free. You understand my concern.
Andy: Well, if there’s any trouble, I won’t use the rock-hammer. OK?
Red: Then I guess you wanna escape. Tunnel under the wall, maybe? [Andy laughs] Did I miss something here? What’s funny?
Andy: You’ll understand when you see the rock-hammer.

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