The Next Batman To Be Older?

According to the latest rumors, Warner Brothers will be looking to cast Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel “Batman vs. Superman” as an older Batman.

The tone of Batman/Superman relationship Warner Bros. is looking to capture will come Frank Miller’s graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns.

Warner Brothers says this film’s Bruce Wayne will be in his late 30s to early 40s and will be “established and rugged”, no origin story.

Reportedly Warner Brothers already has a short list of actors they would like to see wearing the cowl. Several sources say 46-year-old Josh Brolin is currently at the top of that list. Also being considered are Ryan Gosling (32), Joe Manganiello (36), Richard Armitage (41), Matthew Goode (35), and Pacific Rim actor Max Martini (43).

Granted the actors mentioned above are just rumors now surfacing across the internet, these names could all change in a heart beat. David S. Goyer hired to write the movie is just beginning the process.

Warner Brothers wants to see filming of the movie to begin sometime in early 2014 so it can still hit its current 2015 release date.

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