Simon Pegg as Ant-Man? Or Rumour?

Simon Pegg can be a funny yet smart kinda of guy. Earlier today (Thursday) he sent rumours on the internet soaring when he tweeted a picture of himself in front of A Marvel photo.

Simon while visiting the Marvel offices to record a podcast snapped a picture of himself in front of a photo filled with Marvel characters using his left hand to point to Ant-Man. Edgar Wright who will be directing Ant-Man when it comes to theatres in November 2015 is also friends with Simon Pegg.

This photo set off rumours that Pegg could be starring in the title role. It could just mean Pegg is just a huge fan or supporting his friend Edgar Wright. As filming of Ant-Man is still not scheduled to begin until sometime mid 2014, Marvel has yet to announce any casting for the film.

Simon Pegg has in the past posted photos on Twitter of him holding Thor’s hammer and standing underneath Hulk.

As to who’s actually playing Ant-Man, know one actually knows for sure. This could be a clue or just a really smart and funny guy who knows how to get the internet talking.

Simon Peg Ant-Man

Simon Peg

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