“Road House” Remake….Really?

Film director Rob Cohen who directed the original The Fast and the Furious movie in 2001, and xXx in 2002 has been hired by MGM to remake yet another 1980’s movie.

The 1989 movie “Road House” that starred the late Patrick Swayze as a tough bouncer named Dalton will be getting the Hollywood reboot two step. MGM hired Michael Stokes to write the updated version.

There is no word yet on who may star in the movie and there has been no official announcement on when exactly it will be hitting the theaters. This just goes to prove that Hollywood can’t come up with any new or original ideas. This announcement is just one of many over the last couple of years of movies from the 1980’s that’s getting a makeover. Enough is enough!

Road House – 1989
James Dalton is a professional “cooler” enticed from his current job in New York by club owner Frank Tilghman to clean up his bar, the Double Deuce. Dalton’s early successes and romance with the local doctor enrages Brad Wesley, the town crime boss. When Dalton continues to defy him, the stage is set for a confrontation that will test Dalton’s limits and decide the fate of the town.

Road House Bar

Road House (1989) / “Double Deuce”

Road House Stars

Road House Stars

The original “Road House” starred Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott and Ben Gazzara.

Road House Movie Poster

Road House (1989) Movie Poster

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