The Winter Soldier, Sebastian Stan – 9 Movie Deal

Actor, Sebastian Stan, who played James Buchanan ‘Bucky’ Barnes in the first Captain America movie in 2011 and is back again on April 4th in Captain America: The Winter Soldier,  let it be known his character will be around for a while.

In an interview with Newsarama, Sebastian Stan was asked if his deal with Marvel calls for anymore movies after The Winter Soldier and his answer was. “Uh…I think…I think I actually have nine.”

When Sebastian was hired for the first Captain America movie he knew it was possible his character of “Barns” could return for the second movie as The Winter Soldier, but it wasn’t certain that he would be. When asked of that his response was…

“I did, and I didn’t. It was a “maybe.” It led me to prepare myself for this just in case, but I’m not the guy who gets to shoot the movies. When we wrapped, I had no idea if we’d be back. A lot of that has to do with fan response, the public response. But I did really hope that I’d be back to play this character again.”

With Sebastian signing a nine picture deal with Marvel, that includes the first Captain America movie and The Winter Solider, you maybe wondering exactly what can they possibly do with his character for another seven movies? Well if you’re a comic nerd, you may already have an idea, but if you’re not then keep reading.

– abridged version –
In the comics the character of ‘Bucky’ Barnes has his memory restored by Captain America (Steve Rogers) and following Captain America’s assassination, Bucky eventually assumes the role of Captain America himself.

Marvel could be working in some way along the same lines since Chris Evans is currently only under contract for three more films. This of course if a guess on my part.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Sebastian Stan

Captain America The Winter Soldier / Sebastian Stan

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