Indiana Jones Going James Bond?

When you hear Indiana Jones, most likely the name Harrison Ford also comes to mind, but what if you heard Indiana Jones starring Bradley Cooper?

We all know in today’s Hollywood that pretty much any movie or franchise could be remade or rebooted if they think they can make an extra dollar and in some cases it works.

For years now the James Bond franchise has recast or rebooted in order to keep the stories fresh and the audience’s attention and it’s worked pretty well. Exceptions being in this writers mind George Lazenby and Timothy Dalton. Now it seems like Disney and Lucasfilm maybe looking at taking that same approach with the Indiana Jones franchise.

According to a report when and if Harrison Ford is no longer able to crack his whip that Bradley Cooper is topping the list of actors that Disney would like to see playing the famous archeologist. Remember that no deal has been offered and no negotiations have taken place with Cooper or anyone else.

Disney announced several months back that any Indy film wouldn’t be expected for two to three years. That would put Ford somewhere between 74 and 76 years old, depending on when filming would begin.

When “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” came out it was thought that the reigns of the franchise would be given to Shia LaBeouf, but after a poor reception by fans that’s most likely not happening.

Reggie’s Thoughts:
Harrison Ford isn’t as young as he used to be and no matter how much we may want to see him in one of the two roles he’s most famous for, there does come a time when you have to let it go.

Harrison Ford is one of my favorite actors out there. I grew up watching him in the original Star Wars movies and the Indiana Jones franchise. I even loved him as the President in “Airforce One”, who wouldn’t want a President that can take care of himself and his family by kicking some terrorist ass!

Do I like the idea of someone else playing the role of Indiana Jones? First response would be, no. With that said though I’m not opposed to change. So long as that change is done right.

Bradley Cooper does have that youthful look and could probably pull off the role with the right script and director. I do like him as an actor and he can do the action roles, I loved him in the “A Team” movie.

If Disney and Lucasfilm decide to move in this direction of a different actor in the role then I say just do it! If you make another Indy film with Ford the story will have to account for his age. If you go with someone like a Bradley Cooper you can put the franchise back in the 1930’s where I believe the stories and the character work best.

Harrison Ford Indy IV

Harrison Ford / On set of Indy IV

Indian Jones Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

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  1. Obviously Ford can’t continue forever, but even with him they managed to make a terrible movie in the Crystal Skull. I just think that big action/adventure movies these days are generally just churned out without much effort.
    – Reuse an idea that people already know about to ensure some interest.
    – Throw in as many stars as possible to ensure even more interest.
    – Steal an unoriginal plot because it’s easy.
    – Make sure every shot shakes like the cameraman is drunk because it makes people think that there’s exciting stuff happening.
    – Use loads of CGI because it looks expensive (despite being cheaper than how they used to do it).
    – Cut it all together so quickly that we can barely see what’s going on.
    Whether Bradley Cooper’s Indiana Jones or not, it doesn’t really matter. It’ll be in the cinemas for a couple of weeks and then there’ll be something else to take it’s place. I love the original Indiana Jones’ but they’re not going to be aim these movies at people like me, they’ll be aimed at 12 year-olds who don’t care about the originals and will probably spend most of the time staring at their phones than at the screen. Sad but true.


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