Doctor Who

Posters of the first 11 Doctors plus the “War” Doctor. Images that will be hard to find any where else!

DW 1st Doctor William Hartnell

DW 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughtonl

DW 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee

DW 4th Doctor Tom Baker

DW 5th Doctor Peter Davison

DW 6th Doctor Colin Baker

DW 7th Doctor Sylvester McCoy

DW 8th Doctor Paul McGann

DW 9th Doctor Christopher Eccleston

DW 10th Doctor David Tennant

DW 11th Doctor Matt Smith

DW The War Doctor John Hurt

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    Yes, I’m being lazy. Life is still chaotic and currently my stomach is full of butterflies as I realize that I have three major things up in the air that I can’t do anything about and that I need to wait to have resolved, hopefully all by tonight. So, I’m reblogging this post because these posters are completely awesome. I love how they’re laid out and the choices the artist made for what enemies to include with each Doctor. If I had a room big enough and the money to spend, I’d frame all of these and put them up.


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