Marvel Not Counting On Spider-Man, For Now

Badass Digest reached out to their sources at Marvel on the chances that Spider-Man could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if accurate some fans maybe disappointed for now.

Marvel wanted the web crawler to be a part of the up coming “Captain America: Civil War”, with the idea of rebooting Spider-Man, but Sony and Marvel were unable to come to any sort of an agreement.

According to Badass Digest sources at Marvel, “Captain America: Civil War” is moving forward with the idea that Spider-Man will not have a major role in the story what so ever, but that doesn’t mean Peter Parker/Spidy still couldn’t show up in a cameo or post-credit scene if a deal would be worked out before filming would end.

On another note, the Winter Solider will be a key character once again. When Badass Digest asked if it would be revealed that the Winter Solider was the one responsible for Killing Stark’s parents there was no confirmation or denial.

Having Stark find out that Bucky, Steve Rodgers friend killed his parents would be a point of contention between the two hero’s besides having them fall on opposite sides of the “Superhero Registration Act”.

All this news sounds very interesting and if true could make for an entertaining movie, but we will have to wait and see on both the Spider-Man and Winter Solider rumors.

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