Jonathan Frakes to Direct Star Trek 3?

It was announced last week by Paramount that Roberto Orci would not be directing the next Star Trek movie currently due out sometime in 2016. Now a veteran Star Trek actor and director says he wants the job and not ashamed to say so.

A Twitter campaign was started up called #BringInRiker and has been pretty popular on the social media site, especially if your a Star Trek fan. Frakes while doing a recent interview was asked about the director’s chair being open for “Star Trek 3” and although most directors in Hollywood are pretty reserved about what their next project might be wasn’t the case with Captain Picard’s former number 1.

“I’m all over it. I’m all over it. I already contacted J.J. Abrams, I’ve got my agent trying to stir the pot at Paramount. I would love that job! I say, unabashedly, I’d be great at it and would love to do it. I’m trying to keep the lid on how excited I am about the possibility, knowing it’s such a long shot. But there’s nothing I would like better.” Jonathan Frakes

William Riker Poster

Jonathan Frakes as Cmdr. Riker

Paramount has somewhat of a self imposed 2016 deadline to release “Star Trek 3” as 2016 is also the franchise 50th anniversary. Director Edgar Wright has been mentioned quiet a lot as Paramount’s first choice to fill the director’s chair, but Wright has a reputation of not liking to direct films that have a well established history.

Frakes acknowledged that the chances of him getting to direct the film is a huge uphill battle, but then again it is Hollywood.

Jonathan Frakes starred as Commander William Riker in “Star Trek The Next Generation” from 1987 through 1994. Frakes also directed two of the Next Generation feature films “Star Trek First Contact” in 1996 and “Star Trek Insurrection.” in 1998.

Reggie’s Take:

Would Jonathan Frakes be the ultimate choice to direct “Star Trek 3”? Probably not, but he would defiantly be the fan favorite to direct it and would probably due a hell of better job then what Roberto Orci may of done.

I say that with all due respects to Mr. Orci, since he’s never directed a movie before and we really don’t know what kind of a movie he would of made.

Paramount may want a well known director to come in and helm “Star Trek 3” and that’s their right, but would that be the best for Star Trek? J.J. Abrams was a well known director when he was brought on board to reboot the franchise and now you have a spit in long time Trek fans as to how good of a job he really did. You either liked what Abrams did or you hate what he did and wish Paramount would pretend they never happened.

Bringing in someone like Jonathan Frakes might just be what the franchise needs right now, but lets not forget even if Paramount would give the job to Mr. Frakes he’s still most likely going to be directing from a script that was written by Mr. Orci. Mr. Orci was released from his duties as Director, but his services were still retained most likely as a producer.

Frakes has proven with a good script he can direct a good movie, after all “First Contact” was the best of the four “Next Generation” movies and if you go back to the original crew Leonard Nimoy directed “Voyage Home” the highest grossing movie of the original six. Hiring a Star Trek alum couldn’t hurt, but will they do so once again?

It’s highly unlikely that Paramount will delay “Star Trek 3” in anyway that would prevent it from being released during the 2016 calendar year. Any director that is brought on board to helm the movie will have a chance to put his two cents in so long as the project stays on track for 2016.

If you would like to see Jonathan Frakes direct “Star Trek 3” then re-post this on your own blog or use the #BringInRiker. How ever you wish to show your support for Jonathan Frakes lets make sure Paramount know they should give consideration to everyone who’s qualified.

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  1. I have said since Star Trek’s darkest days of the early 2000s that Star Trek: Nemesis’ failure was largely due to having a director who didn’t know the franchise. Frakes had intimate knowledge of TNG and his co-stars and this showed in First Contact and Insurrection (which I didn’t think was nearly as bad some people make out).

    But how would I feel if he took the reigns of ST3? I don’t know. It’s not his franchise so I don’t think he could bring with him what he brought to First Contact. I am one of those who enjoys the new films but IT’S NOT STAR TREK. I enjoy them in the same way I enjoy any other popcorn flick. I loathe JJ Abrams as well and I am very nervous with what he is going to do with my beloved Star Wars franchise. That teaser trailer looked like a fan film.

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    • I’m not so much worried what Abrams may or may not do with Star Wars at this point. If Disney does what it has with it’s Marvel films they will have pretty good control over what the final product looks like. Yeah he Abrams may have helped with the script and yes he’s directing Episode VII, but I’m not as sure he has as much control as he may have had with Star Trek.

      Could be wrong though.

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