Batman’s Link to Suicide Squad

A lot of rumors are going around concerning The Suicide Squad movie and whether or not “Batman” will make an actual appearance, but apparently the Joker will be key as to why Viola Davis’s character, Amanda Waller is so interested in Batman. (Possible Spoilers!)

In the Suicide Squad movie Batman is considered to be some sort of big boogeyman or urban legend, that the Government hates. Prior to the events of Batman v. Superman, The Joker is the only one to have really ever meet him or come face-to-face with Batman for any length of time and that’s why he’s so important to Amanda Waller.

Batman has become a priority target for Amanda Waller and her team will have footage of Batman in action that they will view. Some sort of dialogue will be given where they say Batman is the key to tracking down all “the supers.”

This may mean that Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and possibly others will not become fully known to the public until after the events of Batman v. Superman. Still no word if Ben Affleck will actually make an appearance in the Suicide Squad movie.

There have also been previous rumors of Jesse Eisenberg as “Lex Luthor” also making a cameo, but nothing has been heard on that news front in a while. Time will tell.

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5, 2016

Justice League to open November 17, 2017

Reggie’s Take:
Interesting details if this information is accurate. This would give the Suicide Squad a real purpose and be a catalyst in moving forward to the Justice League movie. From what I’m hearing D.C. seems to be moving in a general good direction, but as with all things the actual product will be the key if D.C.’s plan of attack will succeed.

Just remember a lot the news coming out about Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad are unconfirmed rumors and should be looked at as such for now.

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