Joel Schumacher and WB Should Applogize Not Clooney!

George Clooney appeared on the “The Graham Norton Show” to promote his newest movie “Tomorrowland” and once again made apologies for a movie role he should stop taking the blame for.

The movie “Batman and Robin” hit theaters in the summer of 1997. Staring George Clooney as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the villain, Mr. Freeze. Who wouldn’t have gone to the theater at the time to see that pairing on big screen, right? “Batman and Robin” also gave us Uma Thurman as “Poison Ivy” and Alicia Silverstone as “Batgirl”

As bad as “Batman and Robin” turned out to be I can’t put the blame on the actors who were trying to do their jobs for what they were given to work with. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of Warner Brothers and director Joel Schumacher.

Schumacher was originally hired to direct “Batman Forever” after Warner Brothers wanted a change from director Tim Burton; Burton was kept on as an executive producer however. Warner Brothers kept Schumacher reins pretty tight in “Batman Forever” by letting him make some changes so the film would feel lighter, but still retain what made Burton’s first two films successful.

The problem came after “Batman Forever” did well at the theater and Warner Brothers let Schumacher make a Batman film his way.

First, Warner Brothers never should of given complete control of the Batman franchise to Schumacher in the first place. Second, Warner Brothers shouldn’t have listened to critics or the fans that the first two Batman films with Michael Keaton were to dark; Batman’s supposed to be dark.

George Clooney said himself on “The Graham Norton Show” that he took the role of Batman, because he thought at the time it would be a good career move. Maybe it could of been, but the only career move Clooney should have done at the time was turn it down.

“Batman and Robin” sucked the big one in many ways and on many levels, but it’s time George Clooney stop trying to apologize for a movie that would have failed no matter who would of played Batman for Schumacher.

Mr. Clooney’s movie successes since “Batman and Robin” more then earns him the right to stop taking the blame for it. If anything Mr. Clooney should say yes that was a bad film, but I was only able to do the best I could for what I was given to work with and let it go at that.

I respect that Mr. Clooney feels he should apologize to Batman fans and to movie fans in general, but he shouldn’t have to. Warner Brothers and Joel Schumacher should be the ones to apologize for the failings of “Batman and Robin”.



Dear Mr. George Clooney

Thank you for trying to make all of us who saw “Batman and Robin” at the theaters feel a bit less jilted about the money we wasted to see a film that never should of been made.

For your efforts as an actor and a human being in taking the high road and feeling the need to apologize for something we as movie fans don’t or shouldn’t hold against you, thank you.

You have done more then your fair share in trying to take the blame for “Batman and Robin”, but as a fan of Batman and movies in general I relieve you of your burden.

You no longer now or in the future have to make excuses for Warner Brothers or Joel Schumacher.

I hope by relieving your burden and the need to say I’m sorry will aid you in your movie career and most of all the nightmares from nipples on the Batsuit.



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  1. I guess he really feels bad about making that movie. But I agree that it is not entirely his fault. As an actor, he’s only doing what his director tells him to. Hah. The studio probably thought that the 90’s generation wasn’t ready yet for a dark Batman film.


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