All-Star Voting Flawed? Maybe, But Not The Royals Fault… Layoff

The Kansas City Royals were the darlings of baseball in 2014 for their World Series run. Now in 2015 they’re getting plenty of attention and not for how well there playing on the field.

First let me state, yes I am a Kansas City Royals baseball fan. I’ve been a fan of the Royals since I was old enough to understand baseball and watch television. Do I like that the Royals are getting so many votes for this year’s All-Star team? Sure, but is it the fault of the Royals themselves or a flaw with MLB’s voting system?

The simple answer is MLB.

Royals’ fans in Kansas City and outside of Kansas City have voted in droves for the Royals more so then the fans of any other American League team. You may think that’s crazy, but it’s true. If it weren’t true then there wouldn’t be eight Royals currently leading to start the All-Star game for the American League.

Ned Yost the manager for the Royals said it best in an interview USA Today Sports. “There’s nothing wrong, Vote! The votes are the votes. If you don’t like it, go out there and vote. Our fans have gotten out and voted. Does seven starters surprise you? Yeah. But once you sit back and think about it, it’s really not that surprising.”

He’s right of course. If you haven’t voted for your favorite player for the All-Star game then you really can’t complain. That being said MLB does have issues in my book when it comes to the All-Star game and what’s at stake.

No fan or household should be able to vote up to thirty-five times for the All-Star game, seems a bit excessive to me, but that’s the way it’s set up. Fans vote to determine who starts regardless of stats.

Voting should be changed so that no fan or household can vote no more then ten times for the All-Star game. Ten is more of a reasonable number. The next thing Major League Baseball needs to do is make the fan vote count for only half the other half being determined by a combination of the individual players stats and letting the players themselves vote for other players not on their own team for recognition of a good year.

Kaufman Stadium

Kaufman Stadium / Kansas City, Missouri

If I had to choose between seeing as many players from my favorite team make the All-Star game or go to the World Series, I would choose the World Series. The All-Star game is fun to watch, but it doesn’t win you a championship.

The second problem is MLB’s decision several years ago to have the League that wins the All-Star game get home field advantage for the World Series. I understand why they did that at the time, after the All-Star game the year before ended in a tie upsetting fans, but a different solution I think needs to be found.

I realize the All-Star game is an exhibition game set in the middle of a very long season and MLB does not want to see a player from any team get hurt ruining a chance for that particular team to make the playoffs, but these players are professionals and getting paid a lot of money they should play the game to its conclusion like any normal game or the MLB and the Players Association should come up with some sort of solution.

As for who gets home field advantage for the World Series, it shouldn’t be decided by the All-Star game. The simple easy solution should be regular season records.

Each League has three Division winners and two wild card teams that make the post season. The team or league that gets home filed advantage for the World Series should be the team with the better record.

First the only way a wild card team from either league should get home field advantage is if you have two teams like last year meet up in the World Series and then the wild card team who had the better regular season record would then be given home field advantage.

The Division winners would always be given priority over the Wild Card teams and when it comes to the Division winners their regular season records should decide who gets that all important home field leg up. After all they play 162 games to get to the playoffs and if they make it to the World Series shouldn’t those 162 hard fought games mean something when it counts the most?

MLB’s current system maybe flawed depending on your point of view, but it’s what we have to live with until a solution is found. Until such a time the media in all forms just needs to take their chill pill and deal with it. If it were the Yankees, Red Sox’s or even an L.A. team who had eight players currently leading like the Royals due would they be all so up in arms about it?

I may not have the correct solutions when it comes to voting for the All-Star game and who should have home field advantage for the World Series, but there has to be some solution out there that will appease all involved, fans included.

In the mean time layoff the Royals and their fans, it’s not their fault, but MLB’s in general.

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