Sony Release Dates Through 2019… Includes Bad Boys 3 & 4 Good Idea?

Sony has suffered through it’s email hack, under performing movies in 2015 like Pixels, Chappie, and Aloha all not meeting expectations and having to team up with Marvel in order to save its Spider-Man franchise. With all of that they release what seems to be a very hopeful and interesting list of release dates of their upcoming movies.

What caught my eye from that list were the dates not just for one Bad Boys movie, but two. “Bad Boys 3” is set for Feb. 17, 2017, with “Bad Boys 4″ slated for July 3, 2019.

The first two movies starred Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, though it’s unknown whether the two actors are on board for a third and fourth movie. In June of this year it was rumored that both stars were being courted to return.

Several people have been attached or rumored to be writing the third movie. In June (2015) writer-director Joe Carnahan was in early discussions to rewrite the script by David Guggenheim (Safe House), and possibly direct. The last anyone heard, David Guggenheim had been hired to write a script for Bad Boys 3 that novelist Peter Craig had previously worked on.

Michael Bay, love him or hate him as a director, directed the first two movies in the franchise, Bad Boys II being the last back in July of 2003. Here again there really is no clear knowledge if Bay is returning to direct the third movie or if it will be filled by another director.

Bad Boys Stars

Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett / Will Smith as Mike Lowrey

Joe Carnahan would seem to be a logical choice to helm the third if not the fourth movie if Bay does not return to the franchise. Carnahan has directed The Grey, Smoking Aces, Narc as well as The A-Team movie in 2010. The A-Team movie didn’t do as well as possibly expected in theaters, but for me personally I thought it was one of the better television to movie interpretations that I’ve ever seen. I’d still like to see a second A-Team movie made.

From the sounds of it Sony seems confidant enough to move forward with not just one, but two Bad Boys movies as well as the rest of their announced release dates. (See below for the entire list)

Reggie’s Take:
As much as I like the first two Bad Boys movies and as much as I would probably enjoying seeing a third I’m not so sure if Sony isn’t putting the cart before the horse.

They’ve gone ahead and announced the release dates for two more movies and there hasn’t even been an official announcement on whether or not its two main stars are actually returning. From the sounds of it Martin Lawrence is all for it, but there has been no indication from Will Smith himself on if he’s even interested.

Earlier this year Will Smith declined to return for Independence Day 2 one of his early box office hits in the mid 90’s. Declining Independence Day 2 may not mean much, but Sony can’t assume has willing to return.

Actors aside Sony doesn’t seem to know if Michael Bay will be directing yet again or if that position will be taken over by the likes of Joe Carnahan or someone else. Here again you would think Sony would want its director in place for at least the third movie.

Now granted I don’t work for Sony and I’m not privy to their information and I don’t have Will Smith’s cell number on speed dial, but you would think if your going to announce release dates for two more “Bad Boys” movies you might have already signed the two stars of the franchise and a director first before announcing.

From my point of view Sony can’t afford to look bad or have problems with another franchise. They’ve already had to swallow their pride with the Spider-Man franchise and join up with Marvel and theirs no guarantee that Sony will be able to retain the Bond rights after Spectre is released.

I like the idea of more “Bad Boys” movies, but I would rather see Sony take it one movie at a time.

Check out all the new release dates from Sony below:
Money Monster – April 8, 2016
The Shallows – June 24, 2016
Ghostbusters – July 15, 2016
Patient Zero – September 2, 2016
The Magnificent Seven – September 23, 2016
Underworld 5 – October 21, 2016
Passengers – December 21, 2016
Jumanji – December 25, 2016
The Dark Tower – January 13, 2017
Resident Evil 6 – January 27, 2017
Bad Boys 3 – February 17, 2017
Baby Driver – March 17, 2017
Barbie – June 2, 2017
Uncharted – June 30, 2017
The Lamb – December 8, 2017
Bad Boys 4 – July 3, 2019

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