Will Sony’s Assumptions Kill “Bad Boys” Sequels?

Last week Sony announced two more “Bad Boys” movies for 2017 and 2019 and now one of its stars may return, but in a way that might not be good for the franchise.

Their had been rumors for years there could be a third “Bad Boys” movie and for the majority of that time both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were open to returning. Then late last week Sony not only announced Bad Boys 3, but also Bad Boys 4 with release dates already set.

One would assume that if the Studio makes that kind of an announcement the studio, in this case Sony would have already talked to its stars, Smith and Lawrence making sure they were both on board to return, right?

Apparently its now being reported that Will Smith will be involved in Bad Boys 3 & 4, but it’s not clear whether he will star, produce or both.

If Will Smith decides he’s only willing to return to the Bad Boys franchise as a producer then I don’t see how the franchise will survive past a third movie, let alone a fourth.

A Bad Boys 3 movie with Will Smith’s talent only being felt from behind the camera would be like having Lethal Weapon 3 & 4 with no Mel Gibson, it wouldn’t be the same.

For Bad Boys 3 to succeed and for Sony not to end up with even more egg on its face then its already seen, Sony must convince Will Smith to step in front of the camera and not just behind it. Sony can’t afford any more mistakes with their franchises if they want the public to take them seriously.

What are your thoughts on Will Smith possibly not returning to his Mike Lowery character? Would you go see a Bad Boys movie with out him?

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