Zack Snyder and His Vision of the Caped Crusader

Director Zack Snyder who will bring the newest incarnation of Batman to theaters when Batman v Superman hits theaters in March of 2016 recently talked about his vision of Batman.

During the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony that honored the late co-creator of Batman, Bob Kane, Snyner while in attendance commented about his own take on the super hero and the design of Ben Affleck’s costume.

During the ceremony Snyder spoke about how batman isn’t as super as the other superheroes.

“Batman, unlike Superman or Wonder Woman or Flash, is a guy without powers. He’s a man. He’s all of us. I think that’s it. We all carry around a hero inside of ourselves every day. It’s that guy. It’s Batman. I thank Bob for that. we all owe him a debt of gratitude. In that hero that we carry around, we realize that the hero is us, because he’s just the man. In truth, we are all the Batman.”

Afterwards Snyder answered some questions from the folks over at Comic Book Resources.

One of the questions asked of Mr. Snyder was if he had a strong idea and what his process was in developing the look of a new Bat suit and how much did it change as the process went along.

“I had a really strong idea about what I wanted to do — I really wanted to do sort of a fabric-based Batman; not what’s become the more normal, armored Batman.”

Batman v Superman Image D

Snyder was also asked what new elements and ideas did he bring in creating this version of Batman that may have not been seen before on the big screen.

“I definitely wanted an older Batman. I wanted a war-weary Batman. That’s why, in a lot of ways, Ben was really perfect for me we kind of aged him a little bit. It worked really great. I’m really excited about the Batman we created.”

Snyder was also asked how much of Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” might be seen when Batman v Superman hits theaters.

“Dark Knight Returns” was such a big influence on me, that I wanted to to honor him through imagery in the movie. You could still make “Dark Knight Returns” into a movie, if you want. That’s what I’m saying, as far as how much we used and how much we didn’t use. The visual elements, there are some that I homage, but I don’t think the movie is an adaptation.”

Batman v Superman Image G

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice / WB / 2016

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batsuit

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice / WB / 2016

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