Star Wars: Maul

After the success of “The Force Awakens” and “Rogue One” Star Wars is quickly putting the prequels in the mirror, but don’t let Star Wars: Maul fool you. It’s not what you think.

First and for most Star Wars: Maul is not the third anthology film, as interesting as it might or could be as a stand alone movie it’s not happening. Star Wars: Maul is actually a cancelled video game that was a casualty when Lucas sold his company and Disney took over.

In the Phantom Menace, Maul suffered a fatal lightsaber wound against Obi-Wan Kenobi causing the sith to plummet to his death or at least so we thought until the animated Clone Wars television show resurrected Maul.

Austin-based developer, Red Fly Studio was commissioned by LucasArts to create a video game featuring Darth Maul. The game was envisioned as a dark coming-of-age story, showing a young Maul forced against his will into the Sith order.

A developer who worked for Red Fly and on Maul said.

“We wanted people to see him as a kid kidnapped by emperor Palpatine and tortured – physically, mentally, and emotionally – becoming this powerful Sith Lord. You got angry, you got frustrated, and you made the same mistakes he did. No one has ever seen Sith training up close. No one has ever seen how to construct a Sith from kid to adult. We’ve only seen the five-second turn: Anakin Skywalker cries a little bit, and then he’s evil.”

Red Fly unfortunately was never given a chance to see their ideas for “Maul” come to fruition especially once Disney took over and no longer considers the expanded universe cannon and their story group now makes sure every video game, book, movie and television show lines up.

Check out the artwork for Star Wars: Maul and see what you think.



Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios


Star Wars: Maul / Red Fly Studios

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