Reggie’s Take Two, NOW Part of Reggie’s Take

If you’re a regular follower of Reggie’s Take than you may or may not of noticed some additional content to the site that has recently been added.

I decided in early January that I needed to make a decision on my second website “Reggie’s Take 2”. I either needed to delete the site or merge it with my main site here at Reggie’s Take. Not wanting all of the content I had posted on “Reggie’s Take 2” to have been for nothing I made the decision to incorporate it’s content into my main site.

I was beginning to neglect “Reggie’s Take 2” and was not posting or keeping fresh content updated often enough and felt it was not fair to those who were following “Reggie’s Take 2” to continue doing so. I will continue to post on comic books that intrigue me here on Reggie’s Take.

I do ask that you bear with me for a little while as I may make minor adjustments to the content from “Reggie’s Take 2” since it was a completely different theme that was used.

“Reggie’s Take 2” will remain up for about another week before it comes down for good.

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