Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

The very first book of potty humor from author Dav Pilkey hit bookshelves twenty years ago and after twelve books and three spin-offs the first movie will come to theaters later this year.

Captain Underpants will make the leap from the page to the big screen when mean Principal Krupp becomes our hero every time he hears the sound of fingers snapping all because George and Harold, hypnotize him into believing he is a superhero.

David Soren who directs the movie has promised that the movie will stay honest and pay tribute to its source material. If you’re not familiar with the books they actually became the American Library Association’s most banned books. Hopefully if you will excuse the poor attempt of humor, no one will put to many skid marks in there own undies over the movie.

Kevin Hart and Thomas Middleditch will play George and Harold, Ed Helms will play the title character, Principal Krupp, Nick Kroll will voice the villainous Professor Poopypants and Jordan Peele is Melvin, who may eventually become the Bionic Booger Boy.

DreamWorks Animation will release Captain Underpants on June 2, 2017.



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