Justice League Posters, But What About Superman?

Late this week was a movie posters wet dream if you’re a fan of the superhero movies as Warner Brother released the first set of posters for the Justice League movie.

Thursday and Friday Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers released pre-trailer teases along with corresponding character posters for the Justice League movie that will hit theaters in November.

All of the pre-trailer teases were meant to wet your appetite for the announcement of the first true trailer for the movie dropping sometime today. The only footage we’ve seen of the movie before this week was last July during Comic Con when Warner Brothers unexpectedly released what amounted to a three-minute trailer giving us a glimpse of what we could expect.

The response by fans and critics after Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad last year puts a lot of pressure on not just Wonder Woman that comes out in June, but also Justice League. Both DCEU movies last year had trailers that lead most of us to believe that we would be getting two high quality movies, but were left with a bad after taste when we left the theater.

The one thing I will be looking for or in this case hoping not to see when the new trailer drops is Superman. If you noticed we got character posters for everyone other then Superman and I’m perfectly fine with that. In fact I’m hoping that Warner Brothers is smart enough NOT to show us anything of Superman in any of the trailers.

The first time I want to see Superman is in theaters and even then hopefully not until the third act of the movie at the earliest. One of my biggest complaints with the trailers for Batman v Superman is when they showed us Doomsday, something that could have been a nice surprise, but instead they put him in the trailer.

If you’ve seen Batman v Superman then you know that Superman died at the end of the movie and everyone is wondering when he does return if he will be in his black suit like in the comics. Speaking for myself I would prefer to be surprised in the theater then to have it spoiled for me in a trailer.

I’m looking forward to see what Zack Snyder and Warner Brothers have in store for us when the new trailer drops later today. Are you looking forward to it?

Click on the posters below for full larger versions.


Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

Justice League / Warner Brothers / 2017

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